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An aspect of the above problem is that I have ostopenia of

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An aspect of the above problem is that I have ostopenia of the lumbar spine, legs and arms, and osteoporosis of the hips. To cure that I have commenced calcium, strontium, D3, K2, magnesium and boron. Is it alright if I take Boniva simultaneosly or some other bisphosphonate to speed BMD increase or is that contra-indicated?
PrimaryCare1 :

Hi, This is Dr. Phil, Board Certified Primary Care Physician. My goal is to provide you with excellent service. I am happy to answer your question

PrimaryCare1 :

You may take Boniva along with the natural products you have listed. In fact, the natural products you are taking are just as imporatant as the prescription medicine.

PrimaryCare1 :

I hope that has answered your question. Please let me know if you have any further questions. If not, please leave me positive feedback so that I can get credit for helping you. Thank you. Dr. Phil.

PrimaryCare1 :

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PrimaryCare1 :

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