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Need name of doctor who specializes in treating patients

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Need name of doctor who specializes in treating patients diagnosed with congestive heart failure due to kidney failure.
My husband has one kidney 60% function. Constant cough. taking Lasix, swelling gone in legs but still has swelling in abdomen.
Not receiving much direction in things a patient can do to help improve this condition. Are there exercises? What are the options? My husband stays in bed most of the day. He states that he feels terrible, has no energy. He would like to receive MORE direction in what he can do to help improve his condition.
We need a doctor who will say these are the things that you as a patient can do to help improve your condition!
Hello, this is Dr. David. I have read your question and I'm ready to help.

I am sorry about your husband's condition.

the problem is that there are no good ways to treat congestive heart failure. this is when the heart is so weak it can not properly pump blood around the body and blood and fluid can get backed up in the legs and lungs. one of the ways to treat this is with a diuretic to force the kidneys to pee out excessive fluid which is backed up in the legs and lungs but if the kidneys are weak from kidney failure, there is no good solutions.

that is why you are having such a hard time finding a doctor, because there are no good solutions.

if his kidneys are bad, he might need dialysis to help clear out toxins out of his blood.

I am sure he is on heart and blood presure medications, correct?

but if he has CHF, he most likely has fluid backed up in his lungs and heart. lasix is a diuretic to try to get rid of excessive fluid, but his kidneys are weak and laxis stresses out the kidneys.

he needs a heart transplant to get a stronger heart, but with his weak kidneys, I'm not sure if he can get a heart transplant. he needs a kidney transplant as well, but getting a new kidney and heart both transplanted would be very unlikely.

he might benefit from having a heart balloon pump implanted to help his heart. Dick Cheney had a heart balloon pump implanted to help his weak heart. he might have to go to a larger university cardiology center to get this procedure.

are you willing to travel to a larger university cardiology department to see if he can get this procedure?
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