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I had a sonogram as to my mammogram today. I mentioned to

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I had a sonogram as a follow up to my mammogram today. I mentioned to the technician I had a giant hemangioma and she wanted to "take a peek at it"... I know she wasn't supposed to but I wanted to see what was going on to so .... when she looked she said it looked like it was disenegrating. I don't know what that would mean... do you. She suggested I get a DRs order and have the full work up done, which I plan on doing right away.
In the meantime I'm wondering if disentegrating is good or bad or just what it would mean. She also told me hemangiomas usually look brighter than this one so another interesting point.
This was diagnosed in 1990 and grew to I think aroun 19 cc or something like that I know they said it was what was called a giant hemangioma.
It is hard to know what that means.
If it is a hemangioma breaking down, then this should be harmless.
Is that what she meant?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I know I asked her what it meant and she said she wasn't sure. I took it as a good sign. She said being the hemangioma was made up of veinous products it should not do that but she wasn't sure and thought a DR should evalutate it. I would hope that means it will get smaller.

OK Any thing that looks like it is degenerating should be looked at. A hemangioma would be harmless regardless.

Ruling out another type of lesion would be standard practice.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I plan on having it checked out asap but still wonder if disenegrating could mean it is shrinking... is that possible?

rare but possible.
Use reply to let me know if you have further questions.
Please do not forget a positive rating.
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