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I am a 44 yr old male, smoker and work in a dusty, sometimes

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I am a 44 yr old male, smoker and work in a dusty, sometimes abestos containing field. I have been having a sharp pain under my left armpit (under rib cag) for ore than 2 years. It is not constant but now I have developed light headedness. My left arm tingles and twinges when I get light headed. Overall, I have a feeling of larchargy. No energy and have lost 15 pds in the past 3 months. What type iof docto should I contact?
you have stated that you took antibiotics which would indicate you have seen a physician. If so what tests if any did he recommend thus far?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Stated that I had bronochitus and had an EKG performed with good results. I have a cough thus the cough medicine. This was 4 wks ago and still get light headed and numbness in hand and arm.

Thank you for the additional information. In view of the fact that you have had weight-loss assuming you're eating the same amount you should have a complete blood screening test to see if you are anemic or have any other abnormalities. Also a chest x-ray is indicated in view of your exposure to asbestos in the past. Regarding the lightheadedness and lethargy this may be due to many different factors. You may be anemic and this may or may not be related to the symptoms you have in your armpit. Certainly you need to have an examination to see if there are any lymph nodes which are enlarged in the left armpit as this could frequently cause discomfort. Depending upon his findings after the above test are done he may then refer you to a subspecialist. Let me know any follow-up.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Well, not to good. I had to go to the E-R last night as these episodes are coming more frequently and I had 2 on Sat. They ran about every test known to man and found nothing. I was just the same leaving as I was arriving. I am going to follow up with my PCP tomorrow and see where we go from there. I have never had a stress test and that is what has been suggested at the hospital, as this appears to be heart related. And I still have an appt wit my orthopedic surgeon to see if there is a possibility that it is being caused by pinched nerves. We can only pray they find the problem before it is to late. Thanks for you help. Danny

Sorry to hear you're still having problems. The good news is that I assume your chest x-ray was negative for any evidence of cancer and your blood test were also normal which would rule out anemia which may account for your lethargy. At this point I agree that stress test is a good idea and seeing your orthopedist for evaluation of any arthritic changes. Good luck and let me know if I can be of any further assistance.