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my 19 yr old son had shingles 13 days ago, the Doctor prescribed

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my 19 yr old son had shingles 13 days ago, the Doctor prescribed eyzoir which he took for 7 days. He has been unwell mainly diarrhea - on one occassion has a bit of blood in stool - on another occasion mucus in stool. He has had random rashes which only last a few hours on back thigh, knee and upper arm today he had a rash on his scrotum both sides only for 1-2 hrs then completely went away. He also has had random muscle pain and feeling sick - never a temperature. He has random pain in urethra at commencement of passing urine and end of urine then for lasts upto a couple of pain (sting). UTI ruled out by pathology. Please help
It will help if you could provide some further information:
Where was the rash of the shingles?
Was he placed on acyclovir?
Did he have the diarrhea from the beginning of this illness or did it develop later?
Has he had a blood count? If so, do you know the result?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
shingles two spots on left side back and two spots on front in a row just under arm near nipple. The medication was Ezovir EZOVIR® for shingles contains the active ingredient famciclovir 250 grams. Yes he had dirrohea from before shingles came out. No blood count test result taken. The urethra sting lasts for upto 2 hrs after passing urine
Very good. I know that various drugs are marketed under different brand names in different countries, but i could not find any listing for the spelling that you listed in the original question (eyzoir). However, the Ezovir (famciclovir) is in the same class as the acyclovir.

The most likely cause of this constellation of symptoms is that there has been an acute illness that has caused the diarrhea and associated symptoms, which then also precipitated the shingles outbreak. While some episodes of shingles can occur spontaneously, there are also some episodes of shingles that are precipitated by an acute illness, particularly an acute infection.

The most common cause of diarrhea would be a viral infection, and viral infections can commonly have minor rashes and muscle aches. However, a viral infection of the gut would usually be improving by this point of time. Consequently, the next level of concern would be a bacterial or a parasitic infection of the gut. The usual method for diagnosis of a bacterial infection of the gut is a culture of the stool. There also are stool tests for common parasitic infections, but these are harder to detect, so it is recommended to repeat the test up to three times before relying on a negative test. A CBC also may be suggestive of what type of infection is present. You said that stool tests are pending, and this may clarify the diagnosis, although further stool tests may be needed. If these tests do not clarify the cause of the symptoms, then it may require an evaluation by a Gastroenterologist.

It sounds like he has been tested for the infections that can cause burning with urination, with the exception of a prostate infection, which would usually be diagnosed by physical examination.

While awaiting the stool tests, it may help to try to replenish the good germs in the gut, such as by eating yogurt with an active culture or a probiotic supplement. It also would be important to be drinking plenty of fluids to maintain hydration, offsetting the fluid loss from the diarrhea. Simplifying the diet to a clear liquid diet also can help ease the diarrhea.

If you have any further questions, please let me know.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
he also has been experencing a sharp pain that comes and goes near a scar on his scrotum and also has tingling sensations on the inner knees that also come and go these symtoms have been present on and off for around 4 days now - tonight is the first better 'normal' stool. Would a 19yr old have infected prostate?
If he has had his first normal stool, then that may be a sign that he is finally starting to mend. It certainly is not common for a 19 year old to have prostatitis, but it also is not common for a 19 year old to have shingles.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
he is worried it could be genital herpes given the symptoms do you think its a possibility? his Doctor hasn't thought so and has tried to convince my son that it isnt. The rash on his scrotum this morning disappeared within a couple of hours and has not come back.
None of these symptoms are typical for genital herpes. The only symptom that could occur atypically from genital herpes is the urinary symptoms, as herpes can rarely affect the urethra, but even then, it usually would not cause symptoms that have persisted for this length of time, and it still would not explain the other symptoms.

As an aside, the famciclovir that was used for the shingles would also treat genital herpes.

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