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For several days I have experienced lower abdominal pain.

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For several days I have experienced lower abdominal pain. (left groin area)
OTC pain relievers do not seem to help much. (naproxen is probably the best, ***** ***** marginally effective). I also have a developed a mild, but sharp, rectal pain.
I am a 70 year old male in reasonably good health.
Thanks, Mike
The views expressed by me are for educational purposes only and do not establish a doctor patient relationship.
Hi there,
This is Dr. D.J., experienced Internal Medicine Specialist.
I am here to address your concerns and provide great service.
Left lower abdominal pain and rectal pain can be due to the following reasons:
1. Diverticulitis--inflammation of the colon pouches can cause this.
Sometimes there may be change in bowel movement.
2. Colonic or rectal polyps --mostly benign but some may be cancerous.
3. Left hip joint osteoarthritis --this can cause pain around the hip joint. Due to the involvement of the sacral nerves, rectal pain may be experienced.
4. Lower back arthritis --herniated disc at L5- S1 level can cause radiating pain to lower abdomen and rectum. However pain also usually radiates to the thigh and lower leg. This may be less likely if you do not have any radiating leg pain.
5. Kidney stone --can cause this type of pain sometimes.
I will advise the following tests: a CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis with contrast, a colonoscopy.
Specialist to consult with; Internal medicine specialist or a gastroenterologist.
Please follow a high fiber diet with plenty of fluids.
Best wishes,
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

sorry, right side abdominal pain.

Here the likely possibilities:
1. Acute appendicitis-- yes it is possible if you never had appendectomy in the past. Change in the bowel movement, nausea, vomiting may not be present always.
2. Right sided colon polyps and colitis --benign mostly, but can be cancerous in small number of cases.
3. Right hip arthritis --still a possibility
4. Right kidney stone
5. Lastly, Herniated disc affecting L5-S1 region on the right side
Recommended tests: Ct scan of the abdomen with contrast first; colonoscopy depending on CT findings.
Specialist to consult with: Internal medicine specialist or a gastroenterologist.
Urgency: soon since your symptoms are persistent and appendicitis can be life threatening if present.
Best wishes
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I do not think #3,4 or 5 are the problem.

It started with a lower abominal pain across both sides left and right. After two days it then progressed to just the right side with added minor back and rectal pain.

My family doctor recommended a colonoscopy a while ago, since I have never had one...but I also had never had any symptoms of rectal problems or regularity.

Should I start with the colonoscopy rather than an exensive ct.

Does any of that change your thinking?

Thanks for your reply.
I will suggest a CT scan first since it examines appendix, colon and other organs as well.
Colonoscopy only can detect colon related problem, not appendicitis or other problem.
Best wishes
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