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Dr. Cameron
Dr. Cameron, Doctor
Category: Medical
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Experience:  American Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and Ivy League trained. Medical Review Officer trained in Drug Testing
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Will Vicodan 10 mg help my back plus relieve symptoms from

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Will Vicodan 10 mg help my back plus relieve symptoms from stopping Oxycodone ? Have degenerative joint disease in spine plus bulging disc L4 L 5 . Also thoracic disc pain from auto accident 9 years ago.
Dr. Natasha :


Dr. Natasha :

are you still there

Customer: Yes
Customer: Are you there ?
Dr. Natasha :


Customer: Need to receive response for the 35.00 paid
Dr. Natasha :

You can definitely take vicodin for your WD symptoms

Dr. Natasha :

and it will help your back

Customer: Great
Dr. Natasha :

Some people prefer oxycodone, but vicodin (hydrocodone) will help the void that stopping the oxycodone caused

Dr. Natasha :

you will feel less jittery, sleep better

Dr. Natasha :

If you want to get off the meds, you need to taper it slowly, but you can take the vicodin right now as needed

Customer: Sounds right
Customer: Yes I know to taper it
Dr. Natasha :

great. sorry about the delay in communication

Dr. Natasha :

I hope that I provided you with excellent service? :)?

Customer: No problem ,I' slow
Customer: Yes you did . Now how do I order
Dr. Natasha :

you need to see your doctor for this. We cannot prescribe over the internet. Federal law. Needs to be a face to face visit for controlled substances

Customer: From what I read the 10 mg had lowest Tylenol, right ? Better for liver
Dr. Natasha :

actually, norco has the best combination

Customer: No problem about ordering
Dr. Natasha :

10mg hydrocodone/325 tylenol

Customer: What is norco
Customer: OTC or prescription?
Dr. Natasha :

it is prescription

Dr. Natasha :

all narcotics are prescription

Customer: Ok , as long as it will take the jitters away
Customer: Thank You for your input
Dr. Natasha :

you are welcome :-)

Dr. Natasha :

hope you feel better soon

Dr. Natasha :

good night

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