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I had a CT scan with contrast of the abd over 48 hours ago.

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I had a CT scan with contrast of the abd over 48 hours ago. 30 mins after the test, my BP went up 30 points (141/80 after CT)(110/70 before CT) and I began having a severe migraine (I've never had a migraine). I took two Advils which did nothing for the headache. I also took a BC powder, still nothing. My throat began to swell later that night and was alleviated within 15 minutes with Benedryl. I went to the ER yesterday and they simply told me that the headache was caused from my fever (have had fever since Wednesday. Still have fever and on antibiotics) and sent me home with the recommendation of Tylenol. My only problem with this is, I was running fever for 3 days before the CT and never had a headache until immediately post CT. I still have the fever and the migraine. I've had to lay in a dark room all day. Do you think this is an allergic reaction? Any recommendations?
Thanks for the question and coming here. I would like to have few important details. You still have swelling of throat? Any skin rash or shortness of breath, sneezing or cough after CT scan? Any abnormal findings in CT scan abdomen? What about full blood test results?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No more swelling of throat. No rash, SOB, sneezing or cough. The CT showed a lesion on my cervix which I then had an ultrasound and they found 3 nabothian cysts. The blood work was completely normal, which is leading them to think it's viral. I'm a nanny and the two babies I watch started running fever the same day I did. However, one baby had the stomach virus and the other had a sinus infection. They have both been fever free since Thursday. I have no other symptoms besides the fever and I did have some R sided flank pain which ceased on Thursday. I have a history of pylonephritis (which is why they ordered the CT). And now, of course, I'm having the headache after the CT, but nothing else besides fever. Additionally, my HR has been between 120-150 and BP around 110/70. I'm on Cipro and it hasn't helped.

Thanks for the details. I would like to say that your symptoms especially throat swelling, headache after CT scan can be due to allergic reaction which can occur after CT scan with contrast. If your blood tests came back in normal range along with normal kidney scan findings then most likely fever is due to viral infection. If fever still persists for another 3 days then I will suggest to ask your doctor to repeat blood tests & urine culture. I am not concern for any thing serious at the moment and yes allergic reaction after CT scan contrast can be the possibility which resulted in headache & throat swelling. Keep yourself well hydrated and take healthy diet at least five portions of vegetables or fruits in a day, probiotics.

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