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My husband has a pain in his stomach. He has had songram

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My husband has a pain in his stomach. He has had songram ultrasound, blood test. All negative. Dr. says he's in good health, but still DVK insists there is pain in his stomach. Sometimes it floats from side to side, other times feels raw inside. Is my husband nuts or could something be truly wrong. Healthwise, doctors say he's in excellent health. They ruled out colon and prostate cancer. Help I'm going nuts here. He thinks he's dying everyday.
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Q. What kind of hernia did he have? Groin, umbilical?

Q. Where is the pain? Upper abdomen, middle in line with the umbilicus or in the lower abdomen i.e., below the umbilicus?

Q. Is the pain dull aching or sharp and stabbing?

Q. Does the pain go to the flanks or the back or does it go up and down on the sides?

Q. Vomiting, nausea or any other associated symptoms with the pain?
Q. Previously diagnosed medical conditions?

Q. Is he on any medication?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Groin hernia operation

pain above umbilicus

dull aching pain sometimes sharp

it's up, down, side to side

no vomiting

med condition diabetes and high blood pressure which are now under control

meds are qunipril and metoformin. Recently Zoloft

His sugar and high blood pressure are now perfect with these meds.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Gave more info below. Did you get it?

Thanks for the reply.

Pain is a real entity that can not be gauged or measure nor can it be tested by any known test and when it is there, the doctor has to believe the patient that there is pain. The groin hernia operation is not the cause of this pain because post hernia repair pain usually involves pain around the area of the surgery and pain in the lower abdomen and genital area.
Since, this is a dull to sharp pain and its excruciating enough to wake him up in the night there are a few conditions that come to mind, however, most of them are ruled out easily on upper abdominal ultrasound for example, liver conditions, pancreatic conditions and gall bladder conditions. The conditions that are left and need to be ruled out are those tha involve the heart, the stomach and the lungs.
Your husband needs to have a detailed cardiac evaluation done specially since he is diabetic and had high blood pressure. This evaluation involves EKG, stress EKG and an Echocardiogram.
He also needs to have the lungs and the stomach ruled out. This can be done by getting a CT scan of the chest and the abdomen done. The CT scan will rule out almost every space occupying lesion in the lungs and the abdomen.
Last but not the least, an Upper GI Endoscopy is warranted here to rule out the most probable cause of his pain, i.e., peptic ulcers and/or gastritis.
Now, I mentioned ruling out the heart because many acute cardiac conditions and pericarditis present with pain in the upper abdomen since the nerve supply to both the stomach, diaphragm and the heart are same. His age, symptoms and previous history suggests he has the heart ruled out as the cause of the pain.
The lungs in his age can become consolidated, the pleura can become inflammed etc, these conditions present as pain in the lower chest or upper abdomen that is excruciating and intense.
The stomach conditions I mentioned are the most possible here but the other two symptoms need ruling out since, pathologies concerning the heart and the lungs have more sinister outcomes if ignored.
The treatment should be according to the underlying condition.
Pain should not be ignored, it is a protective and a warning sign, it should be evaluated properly without doubting the patient.
I suggest that you discuss this with his doctor in detail.
Hope this helps.
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