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I was just woundering if i had soreness when standing in the

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i was just woundering if i had soreness when standing in the lower right stomach sometimes and i had stood up from sitting and had a sharp/mild pain near my belly button on the right side witch would be my right arm caused dizziness nasea wanted to puke poop and pee and couldnt put weight on my right leg but later on i could and after had stomach pain that burned i a large area with a sudden fever and chills thenthey went away and i had green pieces of poop and alot of water in my stool aswell with yellow and white fungus days later even with a blan diet now i have light brown poop and sometimes diharea again slightly with a moaning stomach and some pains just about everywhere in my stomach every now and again after i start to digest foods doctor said it was gastro intinitis but im not sure it is getting better but i still have the gas and burping and uncomfortable stomach pains sometimes some acid reflux about 10% of the time and a below normal tempeture of 97.5% do i have a parasite? im not sure blood tests came back normal and urine aswell.
Thank you for using JustAnswer. I will be glad to assist you today.

There are many possible causes of your symptoms. Yes, one of the possible causes of these symptoms would be certain parasitic infections of the gut, but this would not be one of the more likely possibilities. It is more common for there to be a viral or bacterial infection of the gut. It is also true that some people can have some persistent gastroenteritis symptoms because of an alteration of the normal germs in the gut. There are certain good germs in the gut and the loss of these germs can also be a cause of such symptoms.

There also are certain inflammatory conditions of the gut, although this would also be less likely. Sometimes, there can be functional disorders of the gut, in which there is an increased or decreased muscular activity of the gut (or both) that can cause such symptoms.

Ultimately, it would require a proper evaluation to determine the exact cause of symptoms. The usual first test for a parasitic infection would be stool tests to look for parasites. And these are tests that can be ordered by your primary care physician.

If you have any further questions, please let me know.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thank u so much i just have 1 more quick question all the cases of gasto intiritis have vomiting i didnt have any vomiting at all nor nasea past day 3 but i did have appetite loss and now that i am on a normal eating pattern could that be why i am still exsperencing mild pains around my stomach and will they go away on thier own i cant go out hunting because when i get back i have more intense pains that dissapate with time and the passing of gas will this go away on its own or should i give a stool sample to a doctor because this is going on week 3 :(

It is not true that all cases of gastroenteritis have vomiting. Vomiting is certainly a common symptom with gastroenteritis, but it is not universally present in all cases. Most cases of gastroenteritis will resolve spontaneously, but it is appropriate to pursue further evaluation when the symptoms persist for several weeks. If symptoms are somewhat better but are lingering, then it would be appropriate to try to replenish the good germs in the gut, such as by eating yogurt or taking a probiotic supplement.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

u are very smart and i thank u so very much i have been looking up very bad things like hernias that scared me haha i really apreciate the thoughtfullness of your replies if i was there id hug u thanks so very much and i wish the very best for u. <3

You're welcome. I'm glad I could be of assistance.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

i have 1 more question for u after i took a saleen enima 4 or 5 days ago should my poop be clay colored solid sinking to the bottom of the toliet?

By clay colored, do you mean an off-white color?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

no just very light brown like tan but best described as like clay looking but i dont think it looks white but it is very light pale color its not dark by any means very light in color mabe could be off white and i just had a little diharea with medium brown in the middle and lighter brown on the sides with some mucus shortly after also i am taking a probiotic called florastor and have been drinking pedialite since yesterday and eating yogurt with active live cultures.

Stool that is sinking is not an issue, regardless of whether there was a recent enema; whether stool sinks or floats is primarily a function of dietary fiber intake, including the relative proportion of soluble and insoluble fiber. Light brown stool also is not an issue, although this could be related to dilution from a recent enema. Clay colored stool that is off-white is concerning, but would not be due to a recent enema. Clay colored stool is primarily worrisome for gallbladder disease. If you are having clay colored stool that are off-white in color, then it would be appropriate to communicate this to your doctor and arrange for a gallbladder evaluation.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

i just took a vitamin c aswell as i searched for gullbladder disorders havent had any gullbladder attacks or yellowing in the eyes or so on how long should i wait before i tell my doctor?

Vitamin C would not do this. Since you are having no other gallblader symptoms, it is fine to call the doctor's office and arrange the evaluation electively.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

i am very sorry to keep asking u questions i just have 1 more for u and i think im done there is a constant rumbling on my right side from time to time especially when i eat and stand or walk and like a sssssssss feeling there with it like fluids trickling or something but just on the right side very strange still have diharea once a day sometimes more or every other day i am eating normally and my temp is now 96.5 wierd stuff i hate to keep buging u but uv helped me achieve a more normal daily balance so far.The stools are orange brown meduim pieces sometimes 3-4 inches and some 1 inch piece with just brown with mucus and liquid orange at the surface here and there in the toliet is it now ibs just on 1 side of me??? and not sure if head aches at the top of my head with stiff kneck contributes aswell i have been laying down alot 2 though.

It certainly could be IBS. It is generally difficult to differentiate whether IBS is affecting one side only. Having greater symptoms on one side is suggestive that it is affecting that side greater, but that does not mean that it is not also affecting the other side.

Pain elsewhere in the body can be associated with exacerbations of IBS, simply because pain increases stress and stress can exacerbate IBS. So, the headaches and stiff neck could be contributing to the abdominal symptoms, even though there is no direct connection.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thank u it was just wierd about the 96.5 temp and rumbling

A temperature of 96.5 is not worrisome. Rumbling is common with IBS.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thank u and hopefully my energy will come back

You're welcome.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

im sorry just 1 more question and i swear i ill leave u at peace. The sudden pain/ rip feeling on standing with the temporary nausea vomit pee poop feeling and dizzyness couldnt put weight on my right leg would rule out a hernia by now right? cause i think i am getting better.

The symptoms that you describe are not typical for a hernia. However, hernias can cause intermittent symptoms, so the constellation of symptoms is more of a sign that it is not a hernia, rather than the time pattern.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thank u very much uv given me very good info as my panic has gone to understanding thank u so much for putting up with me lol and happy halloween good sir.

I'm glad I could be of assistance.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Dr.D.Love i had a panic attack the other day after drinking a vitamin b inriched fake sugar drink splenda witch both me and my mother are alergic to my heart pounded harder and faster than i have ever felt it left me very cold and shivering later passed and i am feeling better but now my left tesical hurts when i cough and when i layed down just as i was about to fall asleep i had pain in that tesical that went through my stomach into mychest what felt like into my heart for a split second but dosent hurt when i pee or pas gar or stool did i just pull the muscle? i am a little freaked out about it i didnt do anything strenuous and had sharp pain there while riding in the car yesterday please help me :(

I'm sorry, but you have been asking additional questions. The intent of JustAnswer is that you can ask whatever number of follow-up questions is necessary to clarify and understand the answer to the original question without an additional charge. But it is not the intent of JustAnswer that you can ask an indefinite number of additional questions over an indefinite period of time with only the original charge, even if the additional questions are related to the original question. Many medical problems that we address will continue for the life of the patient, and it is not intended that the patient can have additional questions about that medical condition answered for life with only the initial charge. Most of the experts on JustAnswer are somewhat flexible and will answer some additional questions, as I have done above, but it cannot continue indefinitely.

If you have further questions, I am glad to assist you, but it cannot be done as ongoing questions without an additional charge. If you want to continue in the same post, that can be done, but it would mean that you would provide another positive rating for each question (or each set of questions, as any follow-up questions to clarify or understand the answer are included in that second charge). Alternatively, you can post each questions separately, and if you want my assistance, you can request me by specifying that the question is for me in the text of the question.

If you want to continue in this post with the understanding that you will provide another positive rating for a satisfactory answer, please let me know.