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About a year ago I started having a burning sensation all

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About a year ago I started having a burning sensation all over my mouth after having fillings. Then I went back to the dentist who sent me to an oral pathologist who ran tests. He tested me for Thrurh, which was negative. He told me to use Biotin tooth paste. Then I was referred to an ENT to take a biopsy of the roof of my mouth, which came back negative. At this point, the burning had stopped and I was just having pain in the roof of my mouth, behind my two front teeth. I went back to see another oral pathologist, who didn't see anything that would cause the pain. He sent me on to another ENT, who thought I had polyps. Another doctor put me on Levaquin for sinus pressure. The ENT took an MRI, which confirmed I only had a sinus infection, but not the cause of the pain. On to an oral surgeon who cut open the roof of my mouth. A month later and it's back to burning, but the dull pain seems to be gone. As of now, my entire mouth feels like it's burning, along with my tongue. I can even feel it in my mouth. I have tiny blisters around my gumline, my gums look white, and my mouth is very dry. Please help! This has been a yearlong thing.
Hello, this is Dr. David. I have read your question and I'm ready to help.

sounds like you have something called Burning Mouth Syndrome

you can read more about it here

you might need medication treatment like klonopin or neurontin or lyrica or capsasin or even cognitive behavior therapy could help. anti-anxiety therapy could help as well.

don't put a bullet through your head. there are treatments which can help.

let me know if you have questions.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The Dr has put me on a type of medicine like lyrica. It did not work. I do not believe that I have burning mouth syndrome. I have read up on this and I really believe that is has to be something else. The surgeon removed a large piece of tissue that had been pressing against my nerve. It relieved the pain, but now I am back to the burning. I came home today from a business trip. Last night in the hotel room, I used the fitness room. I ran on the treadmill for about 25 minutes. When I returned to my room, my stomach felt like it was burning and my mouth was like a raging fire. Do any of these symptoms sound like it could be something? I was also prescribed, this past Tuesday, with a steroid. I started taking 14 pills the first day and then decrease 1 pill each day. The dentist told me my gums were inflamed, which is the possible cause of the burning. I've taken them for 4 days now and the pain is getting worse. I also noticed earlier, under my top lip, my skin was white and thick. It peeled right off. I am just so tired of dealing with this pain. I of course will not be using a bullet, I'm just expressing the amount of pain I am in and I know that it, of course, would help it.

Thank you for any response.

you could have bad acid reflux in your stomach and the stomach acid could be coming up and burning your mouth.

you might need a strong stomach acid blocker to help decrease stomach acid like nexium or protonix and see if this helps your symptoms.
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