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Dr. Cameron
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I am a 33 year old nursing mom postpartum from having

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Hi I am a 33 year old nursing mom postpartum from having intraheptic cholestasis of pregnancy. Postpartum tests show AST is now normal, ALT lowered to right above abnormal (15% out of range) but a rising ALP, now is 190. My GGT was normal. Ultrasound clear. Could this be serious (like PBC) with a normal GGT reading?
Dr. Natasha :


Customer: Hi
Dr. Natasha :

You would have elavated LFTS too

Customer: I have an ALT that is slowly going back to normal, but still out of range. It was 75 (0-65) ref range. GGT completely normal.
Dr. Natasha :


Dr. Natasha :

breast feeding can cause elevated alk p

Dr. Natasha :

so, I don't think this this is PBC

Customer: It can? Ok. Yah the gastro said it can't, but also said he was convinced this was PBC and said GGT doesn't matter which didn't sound right to me.
Dr. Natasha :


Customer: Lol, I know.
Dr. Natasha :

why would your lfts be normalising

Customer: Well you validated my thoughts. My ast went normal and ALT went from 24% to 15% down. And his reason was a different lab could cause variations.
Dr. Natasha :

Dr. Natasha :

Look at that study

Dr. Natasha :

I hope that I provided you with excellent service? :-)

Customer: Dr. Natasha, thank you. Thank you for not acting rushed. Have a good day I will check out that study! :)
Customer: One Q
Customer: Do I get a copy of the chat
Dr. Natasha :

sure you can cut and paste

Dr. Natasha :

or you can contact***@******.***

Customer: Ok thanks
Dr. Natasha :


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