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I have server pain in my lower back. This pain limits my

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I have server pain in my lower back. This pain limits my ability to stand or walk, I can stand for no more than 5 min., or walk for now more than 25 yds,. I also have swelling in my legs and feet, with some pain in my toes, and balls of my feet. I am 64 yrs. old, and over weight, 6'4" 380 lbs. I have undergone pain management treatments, with no success. I would like to regain mobility so I can exercise, and lose weight.
p.s. I have no pain when sitting or lying.
p.s. I have had right hip replacement
I am Dr. Thomas, double board certified physician with over 20 years of clinical experience. I will help you with your question and any follow up questions you have.
First you need an MRI of the lower spine to see what is going on.
Then there are a number of steps you must take which I will list.
Have you had the MRI?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I understand I cannot have an mri because of the metal in my hip. I had an mri before my hip replacement

Have you had a CT scan of the lower spine
Did you have a previous MRI of the lower spine?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

no, and yes

What did that previous MRI show?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

not sure. what might it be?

Disc disease.
You are not seeing the doc you should
Find an MD of physical medicine and rehabilitation.
We also call these doctors physiatrists.
A physiatrist is an MD or DO doctor of physical medicine and rehabilitation, who will tailor a physical therapy to you and your tests, and can do the tests, and who will also use novel electronic and traction therapies, and can handle pain control or work with your pain control doctor and your other doctors.
The reason physical therapy often does not help is because it is not individualized.
This doctor will do that as well.
These doctors...physiatrists are oriented to improving the situation to the point that you don't need surgery or medications.
The doc might do an EMG to see what nerve damage there is.
Might use intervertebral disc decompression machines.
All to improve your mobility.
Use reply to let me know if you have further questions.
Please do not forget a positive rating when done.
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