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I have lumps under my skin that hurt kinda bad they feel

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I have lumps under my skin that hurt kinda bad they feel like a Grape in size I have them in various areas of the upper Chest ( both Sides) and Neck mostly in the center of my neck close to the throat area. I have had these for about 3 months that have gotten worse over time . I've been to four Doctors and they all say it is nothing to worry about. I had blood work done twice and its all normal. I am a young man 29 years old otherwise in good health. Even the Ultrasound came back normal . Sometimes I am tired easily However I have lost no weight... I fear something is wrong... I should not be in pain for this long. Sometimes it even hurts to talk..... I don't know what to do... The docs gave me some meds but I think they are a of them is a Lame muscle relaxer that isn't as strong as one liquor shot and the other is Meloxicam... It is funny to say it but the " Meloxicam" helps better than the muscle relaxer but it is not as good as it should be...I am still in pain and I don't know what to do......Do I need a CT scan ... or an MRI...are the meds that I have good enough? Most Docs seem to think that I am 29 male and just say you are ok...... I need a real doctors advice I am afraid that something isnt right... Please help.
It will help if you could provide some further information:
When you say that these lumps are in the upper chest and neck, are the ones in the upper chest above or below the collar bone?
Do you have the report of the ultrasound?
What specifically did the ultrasound say about the lumps? Were the lumps not visible on the ultrasound? If seen by the ultrasound, what did they say were the lumps?
Is the pain only in the location of the lumps? Or is the pain elsewhere? If elsewhere, where is the pain?
Are you having any tight muscles or muscle spasm?
Which muscle relaxer was tried?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

the Lumps are on the collar bone or at least very close to it in general. The report of the Ultra sound according to the MD said they couldn't see any such lumps However I feel them and they Hurt! The pain is mostly on the lump sites .. however there is some slight pain in the whole neck and all in the upper chest. But it really starts to hurt when I apply slight pressure to the lumps. In fact it also hurts sometimes to talk or yell... and Its almost a slight shortness of breath sometimes in the chest but nothing bad if I am easy about it...The Muscles seem tight where the pain is.. and all around the lumps.. I cant remember the muscle relaxer...I forgot the name and left them at the office... Like I said the Muscle relaxer is a joke I think it makes me sleep for such a long time.. Meloxicam 15mg seems to help some But I think something could be stronger....Thanks

Thank you for the additional information.

The most common cause of lumps in the upper chest and neck at or above the collar bones are enlarged lymph nodes, particularly lumps that are about a grape in size. There are other possible causes of lumps, but lymph nodes are the most common.

It is unusual that an ultrasound could not see lumps that are as large as a grape. An ultrasound may not always be able to determine the type of lump or the cause of the lump, but it will typically be able to see a lump that is this size. Since the ultrasound did not see the lumps, then it would be appropriate to consider an advanced imaging study, most often a CT scan of the neck.

If these are lymph nodes, then I could understand why your doctors have said that it is generally not something that would cause concern. The primary reason for enlarged lymph nodes is as a reaction to common infections, such as viral infection of the head. These enlarged lymph nodes will typically resolve spontaneously. In someone that has swollen, tender lymph nodes of new onset, the usual approach is to provide symptomatic relief and see if the problem resolves. However, if the swollen lymph nodes persist for several months, then it would be appropriate to pursue further evaluation. Further evaluation may include the advanced imaging studies noted above, but it ultimately may require a biopsy of a lymph node. When there are several lymph nodes present, it is not necessary to biopsy all of the lymph nodes; they will usually only biopsy the most prominent lymph nodes.

Therefore, at this point, it would be appropriate to perform a CT scan next and then, based on the result of the CT scan, to consider a biopsy. The findings on exam and CT scan would guide which lumps would be biopsied.

If you have any further questions, please let me know.
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