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In regard to previous questions about Acromial Stress

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In regard to previous questions about Acromial Stress Fracture there any information that I can access for results pros/cons for this ? So far I've gotten both answers and would like to find out more. Thanks, Ann
You questions have sat in orthopedics then were transferred to us.
I am also an internist trained in orthopedics.
Please review your previous answer as I was not ja. A positive rating on any of my answers would get me pain.
I will be glad to also address further questions.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I just want to get as much info as possible before I make the decision to go ahead with this surgery....your original answers and one of the other Just Ask Experts covered a Homeopathic solution, as well as thinking in would be better in the long run to go ahead with it. Orig. stress fracture was mid May this year, and improvement has been minimal in the last 5 months. If the fracture has not mended by now, how much longer can I expect it to take to heal? With my genetics, I tend to build strong ropey muscles that I feel will continue to create issues when I can begin to strengthen the deltoids,as well as the other muscles in that arm and shoulder.

Actually you rated the other expert that thought you should continue physical therapy first [which is what I had already said] positive, which means the other expert was paid by ja, I was not.
You can access that original post if you would, and rate me positive.
I did not suggest only a homeopathic solution, that was icing on the cake as far as I am concerned.
I suggested that surgery might ultimately be the best solution if the stress fracture will not heal up..which is about the point you seem to be reaching.
I suggested seeing a specialist in physical medicine, a type of MD...which I think you might have done...and doing a full course of refinement to your physical therapy program, along with the remedy which "knits' bone.
And that if none of these interventions help, then surgery might be feasible.
I also suggest a second hands on evaluation by a specialist surgeon.
You also had questions about mobility, and I saw no reason you would not regain as much or more mobility than you have had to date.
All of this without a rating however.
I understand the system can be confusing...but the expert that simply came on the post and agreed with one of my many answers was rated and paid.
Any further questions?
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