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Has anyone heard about a new treatment for ed called trimex

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has anyone heard about a new treatment for ed called trimex gel?

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The proper spelling is Trimix gel. Trimix is a combination product that contains three different drugs that have been shown to have activity in helping erectile dysfunction - alprostadil, phentolamine, and papaverine. The Trimix is actually available as both an injection and as a gel. The gel is preferred by most men since it avoids injection, but the injection may work when the gel does not. There is a separate advantage of the gel in that it is more stable. The gel is inserted into the opening at the tip of the penis, so that it is absorbed and works locally within the penis.

Neither of the Trimix preparations are considered first-line treatment for erectile dysfunction, but can be considered if the pills for erectile dysfunction (Viagra, Cialis, etc.) are not effective. There also are preparations of the alprostadil alone that are available for injection or urethral application for erectile dysfunction that also can be considered if the oral medicines are not effective. The alprostadil preparations have the advantage of being more readily available in your local pharmacy,whereas the Trimix requires special ordering and compounding.

However, if the oral medicines are not effective, either the Trimix or alprostadil preparations are reasonable considerations.

If you have any further questions, please let me know.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thank you i have tried the pills without much help and using a needle injection i am not in favor of do you think trimix gel might help ? ( sorry about the spelling hit the wrong keys )

the Trimix gel certainly might help. It does not work for everyone. And since it has primarily been studied in men that have failed oral medicines, it obviously has been studied in men that have a more stubborn problem with symptoms. But even in this population of men, the gel works in about 40% of men. So, yes, it absolutely might help you with achieving erections.

There also is some evidence that combining an oral medicine with the Trimix is more effective than using either option alone. So, if the Trimix alone is not effective, it would be reasonable to use it in combination with an oral drug for erectile dysfunction.
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