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Dr. David
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pain in chest-on and off but every day. Just had angiagram

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pain in chest-on and off but every day. Just had angiagram and its clear. I have gerd but feel its managable w/prilocek 2x day. Have bronical cough that hurts when deep coughing.

Pulmologist has me on advair now from symbicort. Use a nebulizer when needed. Also have a small hyatalhernia. Always have sinus alergies. But the chest pain is real bad at times also involves upper back pain as well. This has been going on since march when I had pnuemonia. Its bad today , don't know what to do next. Cardiologist said its not my heart, would guess its lungs or anxiety. Help please
Hello, this is Dr. David. I have read your question and I'm ready to help.

sorry about your on and off chest pain.

sounds like you have many possible causes of chest pain.

sounds like you know what your bronchial cough chest pain feels like and what your acid reflux chest pain feels like.

you could have developed some scar tissue in your lungs after the pneumina in March which could be causing chest pain.

if you have a history of panic attacks or excessive anxiety, these can definitely cause chest pain and difficulty breathing as well. lorazepam is an ok medication for short term treatment of anxiety, but you need something longer acting, like klonopin or an SSRI to help decrease your anxiety if your anxiety is not well controlled.

if the lorazepam helps decrease your chest pain a little, it sounds like your chest pain most likely is due to excessive anxiety.

I would talk to your doctor about longer acting treatmetns for your excessive anxiety.

have you been on longer acting treatments for your anxiety before?
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