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Anthony Bray, MD
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Ive had clamydia before, and cured it with azithromycin

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ive had clamydia before, and cured it with azithromycin about a month ago. but i recently had oral sex and now finding pre-cum constantly. is this okay, is it discharge or precum? no pain during urination, but i do rarely feel sharp testicular pain, very little, but it occurs.
no headaches, no chest pain, no abdominal pain. just this, i believe it will progress in time, but this is of concern.
Anthony Bray, MD : Hello!


Anthony Bray, MD : If you have clear fluid that appears at times of sexual arousal ( erection) then prostatic fluid would be the probable cause...
Anthony Bray, MD : If you have ongoing fluid at times when you have no sexual arousal or not immediately after an erection then this could be mucus from irritation of the urethra....

you don't believe it could be an STI such as clamydia or anything else.
for example i can look now and find some fluid, it doesnt smell bad/


i do not have any pain in the urethra

Anthony Bray, MD : a whitish to yellowish discharge from the penis would be more suspicious of infection ( non semen of course if whitish in nature)
Anthony Bray, MD : if you have any burning with urination then this would be suspicious for infection...

in the morning i found very small yellow amounts

Anthony Bray, MD : if you have sexual partner that was not treated for chlamydia while you were then this would be formula for reinfection if course...

could i purchase azithromycin over the counter?

Anthony Bray, MD : so if any of these scenarios seem to fit with possible infection then I would recommend re- evaluation for STD...

i made an appointment already.

Anthony Bray, MD : No , I am afraid not--- antibiotics will require prescription...
Anthony Bray, MD : ok that sounds the better approach to go ahead and have it checked. You want to be sure with an STD possibility... Make sure that you have your partner notified and treated if positive for infection too...
Anthony Bray, MD : I hope this information helps! Let me know if you have further questions. I will be happy to get back with you!

of course. could you also explain the minute stinging sensation in the testicles?


it happens very rarely but i had some pain when i was younger before any sexual encounters.
it feels like a sharp needle penetrated me

Anthony Bray, MD : If my answers have been helpful and to your satisfaction then please remember to leave positive feedback . That would be much appreciated ! Thank you and best regards,
Anthony Bray, MD : Anthony Bray MD
Anthony Bray, MD : Well testicular pain may occur for different reasons...
Anthony Bray, MD : one possibility could be a partial torsion that corrected itself...

explain please.

Anthony Bray, MD : this is a twist of the testicle under its supporting spermatic cord/ veins/ arteries/ and connective tissue --- the twist if blood vessels in particular can cut off blood supply and may cause pain...

oh i see, does this happen to every male, occasional pain. for example have you felt pain?

Anthony Bray, MD : a severe torsion may endanger the blood supply to a great extent to the point if endangering the life if the testicle... This is extremely painful and causing nausea... It would be a medical emergency with a full torsion...
Anthony Bray, MD : I would say that this is very common issue but not universal ... I would be more concerned of ongoing pain... Fleeting pain for a few seconds could occur very commonly though...

well thank you very much, i wish i could have you in my pocket when a random question comes to mind. haha
But thank you very much once again.

Anthony Bray, MD : You are very welcome!
Anthony Bray, MD : you may reach me specially on this site by going to my profile page and typing question in the box on that page---

would i have to pay again?

Anthony Bray, MD : you would control paying at the time that you accept answer and provide feedback... We are happy to answer several questions as we have gone back and forth a but today for example ...

well thanks. oh by the way, which Med school did you attend?

Anthony Bray, MD : We try to be fair and offer a good value for the service though ....
Anthony Bray, MD : we hope to be reasonable both to you and us...
Anthony Bray, MD : UNC school of medicine - Chapel Hill -- North Carolina ...
Anthony Bray, MD : Go Heels!!

haha im still in college but i want to try my best in becoming a doctor as well. My dream is to specialize in autopsy. i love the human anatomy


what did you major in during college

Anthony Bray, MD : Ok well I wish you the best in achieving your goals!!
Anthony Bray, MD : chemistry...

well thats fantastic. thank you once again

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