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My question regards XXXXX XXXXX levels. My DR has been watching

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My question regards XXXXX XXXXX levels. My DR has been watching my levels saying I was pre-diabetic 2. My AIC was slightly elevated but not enough to warrant medication.

I monitor my blood sugar at home. Typically it had been running around 106-107 fasting but the past week I have had better results which have been 101; 100; 98; 99 and this morning 93. This has been after eating pumpking pie before I went to bed the evening before. Also on one occasion I ate cinammon rolls.

Is there something in these particular foods that woud help lower the blood sugar cause I had thought the suger in them would make the levels higher.

Your opinion please.
Hello, this is Dr. David. I have read your question and I'm ready to help.

nothing in those foods would help

insulin can be a hard thing to produce.

if you have been loosing weight, you could be producing more insulin and having less insulin resistance. and that could be controlling your sugar better, even when you do eat sweets.

exercising and loosing weight and eating complex carbs and staying away from too many cinammon rolls and sweet will help your overall blood sugar control and keep you from going into type 2 diabetes.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Quite the contrary I have not been losing weight but need to lose 40 pounds. This fall in the blood sugar, all be it slight, has taken me into the high normal range and the only change in my diet has been adding the I cinnimon rolls or pumpkin pie.


If I eat other sweets ie ice cream, banana cream pie even apple pie the blood sugar level goes up a lot.

cinnnimon does have some potential anti-inflammatory properties to it and some say it can help decrease blood pressure or help with blood sugar.

so there was most likely cinnimon in the rolls and pumpkin pie

so it could be the cinnimon helping to also control your blood sugar.

you can read more here
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