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Noticed black vein after sudden hot flushing, stiff neck,

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Noticed black vein after sudden hot flushing, stiff neck, light nausea and mild angina:

Holding breath, very briefly:

Does this look familiar to anyone? I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, classical, possibly vascular type, and also a plethora of other co-morbid conditions, including several minor heart conditions :/
Simply not wanting to run back off to the ER for the fourth time in a month..
Dr. Natasha :


Dr. Natasha :

are you still there?

Dr. Natasha :

It looks like your jugular vein is slightly distended

Dr. Natasha :

It should bulge out when you hold your breath

Dr. Natasha :

but if the other side is not like this, it suggests that there may be something blocking the flow

Dr. Natasha :

this could be an enlarged lymph node, scarring, etc.

Dr. Natasha :

This is not something that you need to go to the ER again for

Dr. Natasha :


Dr. Natasha :

did you see what I wrote

Customer: Hi, thank you. Even with a serious condition like vascular ehlers-danlos syndrome, where we have a very high risk for arterial rupture and valvular aneurism? Stupid question, I know. It's bilateral. And warm to the touch. Also, radiating pain down into clavicle.
Customer: It's a connective tissue disease, not to insult you, but not all doctors are very familiar with it.
Dr. Natasha :

I know this- your connective tissue is very friable and prone to rupture, particularly the arteries

Customer: There's also a family history of ruptured abdominal aneurism.
Dr. Natasha :

So both sides are swollen when you hold your breath?

Customer: Wonderful, I just wanted to make sure you were aware of it, is all.
Customer: no
Customer: only the right, where the predominant darkened vein has suddenly appeared tonight with the flushing, etc.
Dr. Natasha :

I thought your said it was bilateral

Customer: it bulges slightly without holding the breath also
Customer: I'm so sorry. Autocorrect...
Customer: My mistake, it is unilateral, only on the right side. The left is perfectly normal, no heat, no pain
Dr. Natasha :

Do you have a headache or dizziness

Customer: Eh, not a very serious one.. I also get thunderclaps, so it's hard to tell really.
Customer: so, yes, a slight headache
Customer: And neck pain, stiffness
Customer: Can't really tell if I'm dizzy or not, since it sort of am perpetually slightly dizzy... We suspect a CSF leak also, so... Who knows
Dr. Natasha :

do you have a vascular surgeon?

Customer: Great question. And no, my husband and I just moved to Houston, sooo that's why I'm here I suppose, lol
Customer: Really trying to avoid going back to the ER, but with no GP yet, I'm not sure what my options would be
Customer: i do believe it's beginning to protrude a bit on it's own now.
Dr. Natasha :

another possibility is a membrane is occluding the vein and it is causing the blood flow to back up a little

Dr. Natasha :

You need a GP like yesterday

Dr. Natasha :

And a vascular surgeon

Customer: I suppose my main question is this... What are the symptoms that tell you, red flag, you need to get to the hospital asap besides dropping to the floor unconscious? haha
Dr. Natasha :

This is not an ER case- because they would tell you to follow up with a vascular surgeon- I know- because I am an ER doc

Customer: Yes ma'am, I definitely know... I have 13specialists to replace
Dr. Natasha :

unless you have headache, visual problems, worsening dizziness, numbness or tingling

Customer: gotcha.
Customer: Okay, wonderful.
Customer: numbness where, exactly.
Customer: neuropathy type?
Customer: or more angina attack type?
Customer: God, this is terrible sounding.
Dr. Natasha :

more like stroke- but this is super rare

Dr. Natasha :

And it is numbness of hands face, etc.

Dr. Natasha :

did you get that?

Customer: Well, that also runs in my family, lol
Customer: Yes, ma'am. So numb half of body, dragging leg sort of thing...
Dr. Natasha :


Customer: Fabulous :)
Customer: Well, sort of.
Customer: So, vascular doc, no heavy lifting, go to bed.
Dr. Natasha :


Customer: Thank you so much, you've saved me a ton of headache tonight.
Dr. Natasha :

no pun

Dr. Natasha :

ha ha

Customer: :)
Dr. Natasha :

I hope that I provided you with excellent service? :-)?

Customer: Yes, ma'am! Thanks for getting to the point!
Customer: i do appreciate it
Dr. Natasha :

welcome. I see you have picked up the texan style already

Dr. Natasha :

keep me posted

Customer: Haha, got to fit in somehow, I suppose. Will do. Thanks again.
Dr. Natasha :


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