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For several weeks I've been having a strange sensation

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For several weeks I've been having a strange sensation running down the side of my neck, like maybe a bug, or ant. I am 78 yr old female in pretty good shape, but I do have a really messed up neck, deteoriated discs, bone spurs and curve of my neck is off somewhat. I have high triglycerides, untreated because of side affects of medicines. Could this neck sensation be nerve from my neck problems? This feeling isn't pain, although there is plenty of that! Could this sensation be due to a blood flow from the cholesteral problems?
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There is a difference between what is likely to be the cause of symptoms and what could be the cause of symptoms.

It is far more likely that this sensation is due to irritation of the nerves by the degenerative changes within the spine of the neck. It is possible that there could be poor blood supply to a portion of the brain or spinal cord that will cause this symptom, but it would be very unlikely. Poor blood supply to the brain or spinal cord will typically cause much greater symptoms, either by type of symptoms or location of symptoms. It is possible to affect a very small portion of the brain or spinal cord so that the symptoms are very limited in type and location, but it is very unlikely.

Even if you did not have the history of prior problems with the neck, it would still be true that it is more likely to be a neck problem than a poor blood supply problem. In your case, with the history of neck problems, it would make the likelihood of the neck being the cause of the symptom much greater.

There is usually no specific concern about this symptom. It is appropriate to manage the neck problem with the interventions that you have been doing, but the symptoms that indicate that there should be more aggressive treatment of the neck would be pain or weakness. There is no need to alter the treatment for the neck based solely on this symptom.

If you have any further questions, please let me know.
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