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I was kicked by a dementia patient last week in my left

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I was kicked by a dementia patient last week in my left flank area. I fell to my knees in my pain, and the patient then rolled out of the bed and on top of me. The majority of his weight rested against the area that had been hit, and I yelped out in pain. The patient was then returned to bed, and I started vomiting approx. 20 min later and had to leave work early from the pain. The next day, I went to the ER, and they ruled out broken ribs. I had a large bruise on the left side of my abdomen, between my last rib and the upper portion of my pelvic bone, that was very painful. A CT scan was done to check the spleen, but contrast could not be used due to a past anaphylactic reaction. The doctor said the results were fine and told me to rest, but my pain has been growing worse over the past week. I can't stand up straight from the pain. What could be going on, and should I go to a doctor? They did a CT scan, but the CT showed no bleeding from the spleen.%
Hello. I'm Dr. Phil, licensed and practicing Internal Medicine Physician. Excellent service is my goal.
I'm very sorry about this.
Did the ER doctor use ultrasound to check for bleeding?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No, the doctor did not use ultrasound. I'm at the breaking point with my pain. It is the worst it has ever been, and I've had ovarian cysts and an appendix burst in the past. This beats it. They gave me a couple days of Lortab for pain after I was discharged from the ER a week ago, and that helped a tiny amount. This may sound strange, but I don't think I can sit still long enough to get an ultrasound. I'm always wiggling and thrashing in pain. It feels like a very sharp knife in my side. If there is no bleeding, is there something else that could be causing this pain? I just want the pain gone. Thank you for any ideas or feedback.

Thanks Alice.
I am quite worried about this actually
If it was normal bruising or injury it should be healed by now
I think you need to go to ER and have an ultrasound done
They can give you morphine for pain so you can tolerate an ultrasound
I'm worried you have a spleen injury. The CAT scan without contrast is not the greatest test for this.
I hope this helps. If you have more questions, just reply. :)
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for your reply. Thanks for your recomendation, though I hate going to ERs. Is there any way a bruise on the spleen could cause this level of pain? Is there any way it could stop bleeding on its own if that is what is going on? I know this will sound very silly, but I have severe hospital anxiety. I can work in one, but when I'm the patient, my anxiety kicks in really bad. But my pain is just too, too pad now. By the way, is it normal for IV morphine to wear off quickly? Last week, when they gave it to me, it only lasted about an hour or so before the morphine stopped helping my pain. I'm just at the end of my rope. The pain is so bad, and I can't sleep. I can't take much more.

This is not normal.
It should be feeling better by now
The pain is out of proportion to a bruise
Something is going on.
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