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I am recovering from a very bad cold I got 2.5 weeks ago.

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I am recovering from a very bad cold I got 2.5 weeks ago. The cold consisted of a sore throat, severe congestion, itchy ears, and feeling absolutely miserable. My doc put me on antibiotics on day 5 of the cold (amoxicillin 500 mg 2x/day). During that time, I felt like I was having an allergic response, more severe ear itching, itchy throat. I continued the medication for 10 days (took last pill October 10). Now I am waking up with an ear ache, sometime in the right ear, sometimes in the left ear, my ears itch and my throat feels scratchy. I just don't feel well. It feels like an allergy, although I had allergy testing for every indoor and outdoor allergy you can imagine about 2 months ago (through blood work) and it came back that I have no allergies. I do have acid reflux and don't know if this could be causing these severe symptoms. Having the itchy ears, scratchy throat, and waking up irritable is no fun. Any one have any suggestions. I will be away from my computer for about 30 minutes and will check back then. thank you. Age: 57, Female, nonsmoker, nodrinker. Live in the midwest where it has been very dry.
Amoxicillin was not indicated for a cold.
It does not help a virus.
I would do several things at this point.
Have a good ear exam..if there is infection you need a better antibiotic.
Have a mono test...your symptoms act like mono, and it would not be helped by amoxicillin.
Follow up exam is what is important at this point, with additional testing, including a monospot test, ear exam and probably a throat culture.
Use reply to let me know if you have further questions.
Please do not forget a positive rating when done.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you. I did have a throat culture at the beginning and there was no strep. I will follow-up with a good ear exam and will also have the monospot test done. Never thought it could be that.

I appreciate your quick and detailed response.