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Dr. Cameron
Dr. Cameron, Doctor
Category: Medical
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Experience:  American Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and Ivy League trained. Medical Review Officer trained in Drug Testing
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I have a ulcer under my tongue on the floor of my mouth. it

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hey doc. i have a ulcer under my tongue on the floor of my mouth. it was painful at first, but not really anymore. do you think it could be anything serious. i worried about cancer.
Dr. Natasha :


Dr. Natasha :

have you seen a doctor for this yet?

Dr. Natasha :

is it growing?


i saw my dentist. its only been there 4 days. he said it looked like a ulcer.



Dr. Natasha : Cool pic
Dr. Natasha : nice
Dr. Natasha : Looks like an ulcer that's healing
Dr. Natasha : you totally did the right thing

you don't cancer?



Dr. Natasha : It does not look suspicious
Dr. Natasha : but the photo is great and you saw the specialist
Dr. Natasha : I would keep an eye on it and take weekly pics

my dentist said it he wasnt concerned .

Dr. Natasha : Right
Dr. Natasha : take weekly pics

he kept saying regular borders. what does that mean

Dr. Natasha : if no improvement after 4 weeks
Dr. Natasha : go back to dentist
Dr. Natasha : It means it is well ircumscribed
Dr. Natasha : circumscribed

does that mean no cancer?

Dr. Natasha : Very unlikely
Dr. Natasha : you need biopsy for confirmation
Dr. Natasha : but see how it does over month
Dr. Natasha : take weekly pics

i hope its gone in a few days

Dr. Natasha : if worse or not gone get biopsy
Dr. Natasha : ok?

ok. it doesnt look like cancer to you though. right??


he said he didnt even consider the big c.

Dr. Natasha : No it does not

pretty rare for my age?

Dr. Natasha : Yes very :-)

is it normal to get ulcers that don't hurt real bad?


i tried to scrape it off and i think that is why it is a little big

Dr. Natasha : Yes especially as they start to heal
Dr. Natasha : dont touch it silly

ok thanks doc

Dr. Natasha : You are welcome
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Hey how are you doing
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

hey doc. im doing fine. the spot went away. I was just wondering though even though i smoked occasionally for 13yrs. ( when I drank ) would it still be rare for me to develop lung cancer? im 34 yrs. old and i havent smoked in 6 months and don't ever plan on it again. will my risks ever be close to a nonsmoker?

it still would be very very rare for you to have cancer at that age.
I would keep off the smoking- but your risks generally approach that of a nonsmoker after about 10 years.
Hope that helped