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Is cough without fever a sign of HIV? I tested negative

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Is cough without fever a sign of HIV? I tested negative post exposure of protected sexual intercourse for 10 minutes with a stripper where no oral sex was involved.

12 days post protected sexual intercourse:
a. HIV RNA test = Non reactive.
b. Hiv1 and Hiv 2 ANTIBODY (not duo) = negative

4 weeks post protected sexual intercourse: Hiv1 and Hiv 2 ANTIBODY (not duo) = negative

5 weeks results: HIV RNA Test = Non reactive


1) Are these results conclusive since they are all negative?

2) Should I get a DUO Test?

3) I've been having dry cough for 4 days now without fever but seem to be decreasing today, is dry cough with no fever a sign of HIV or HIV has fever with coughing

Hi there...
As your test for HIV are negative even HIV RNA test is negative so you do not have HIV.
Dry cough is not feature of HIV .
HIV present with fever,weight loss,oral thrush,loss of appetite,low immunity.
Do not worry and relax.
Good luck.
Have a nice day.
Please leave positive feedback for me.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

But, some websites state that dry cough could be a symptom, why is that?


And, you are suggesting that I do need to take the DUO test since antibody and RNA are negative correct?

At this stage you do not need to get test.If you want to reassure than it is advised to get western blot test at 3 months post exposure.
Information in web site are not necessary true in all aspects dry cough with enlarged tonills can be feature of HIV but you do not have that features.So do not worry.
Positive feedback will be appreciated.
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