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My 26 yr old daughter has had internal medical problems

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My 26 yr old daughter has had internal medical problems since age 15, and still has daily piercing pains in both her sides, predominantly the right, that no doctor or specialist can seem to diagnose/treat. To date, 18 major/minor surgeries. Started at age 15 w/ acute diverticulitis, appx 6" of colon removed, temporary colostomy, successful reversal 6 weeks later although distended bladder issues during recovery. Surgeon advised of possible gyno problems later....biggest understatement of life! She encountered immune system issues over the next several yrs and contracted any virus, flu or sickness from anyone she was around necessitating completion of high school diploma at home. Then the gyno and bladder problems started. She's had multiple surgeries for endometriosis, continues to have uncontrolled pain and bleeding despite being on birth control to suppress the monthly periods. She also had bladder surgeries to stretch the tubes in an effort to combat problems w/ urinating. In between all those surgeries, she's had multiple hernias and abscesses that had to be surgically removed from infected stitches used in the original colon surgeries. This is a young woman who has known nothing but pain and has not been able to live a normal life. She attempted a nursing career, achieved high scores, accepted in clinicals 3x but had to withdraw each time due to onset of new medical problems requiring surgery. She worked as a Patient Care Asst in a hospital until being told to resign or be fired due to all the missed time for pain and surgeries. We've tried numerous doctors/surgeons, including gyno specialist at Univ of Penn in Philadelphia, who paid little attention to daughter's case, was nothing but rude, and got highly upset about comments her staff made to us about scheduling. Recent Pain Management clinic indicated she has permanent nerve damage due to severed nerves from all the surgeries. You can imagine the depressed state of mind she goes through w/ all these on-going problems and inability to diagnose the pains and go on w/ a normal life. Financial stability has now become an issue for our family. She has to live on pain and nerve pills. There has to be a doctor/specialist that can do something! Any recommendations would be appreciated.
Hello from JA
A pain management specialist is the first course
Is she working with this specialist?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes however they apparently just eval and provide pain meds. We are interested in finding a doctor/specialist that can help diagnose/treat problems rather than live on pain meds.

Has she had an MRI of the abdomen?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes. Last surgery for abdominal abscess last year, surgeon indicated he didn't see anything suspicious.

and has she had a consult with a manual medicine specialist [physiatrist, PM&R doctor]?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes. We're hoping to find good specialist that can diagnose remaining problems. Is neurologist a possibility due to nerves being cut/damaged? What do they do for war veterans that end up w/ nerve damage from amputations, etc.?

It is basically pain control.
Nerves that are completely damaged do not fully repair.
That's major nerves.
Other nerves heal very slowly , up to a year.
Neurologist is the doctor for diagnosis.
Physiatrist is the doctor to design a repairative program which involves a multi modal approach, from manual therapies, to tens units, other electronic devices, etc.
There is no clinician called a nuerobiologist....
What further questions....
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Physiatrist? I can't seem to locate that specialty.

Physical medicine and rehabilitation; PM&R.
This is an MD who is trained to put things back into place, assess nerve damage, and rehabilitate it.
They are often left out, but are plentiful.
Use reply to let me know if you have further questions.
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