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I am very concerned about my health the last two years. I am

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I am very concerned about my health the last two years. I am a healthy 56 year old female who does not smoke,drink, or do drugs. I am 25 lbs overweight and of Jewish heritage... and I drink less than two glasses of wine monthly. An incidental finding of a cyst on my pancreas head was found in 2011. It was 1.8 cm..I was sent for an endoscope with biopsy which was negative.I was scanned each six months with no change...in2013 a full blood workup of cancer type blood tests was negative.. and than in may 2013 it was scanned with a 3d scanner instead of a 2d scanner..a repeat scan on a one year scan schedule....the growth was than measured at 2.1cm . at the May scan two years after the initial finding this growth was noted. I am very depressed and scared that I am merely waiting to become a victim of pancreatic cancer. Can you please tell me any information or the time span or odds I am facing. I believe surgery is considered at 3.0 cm.

I am Dr Ken and I will be helping you today.

Do you have any symptoms like - Pain in abdomen/ jaundice/ nausea or vomiting?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

no not pain or jaundice or vomiting...tho I had stomach flu for a a couple days twice in last reflux has caused pain on and off for 14 years so I dontknow about stomach pain for sure


Please calm down.

I am happy that there are no symptoms. Cyst in pancreas does not always mean cancer. A cyst is a thin walled sac containing fluid. The cause can be inflammation/ infection/ simple cysts or cancer. Generally the cancer cysts are - complex {have solid component or thick septae/ grow rapidly - in weeks/ cause obstruction of pancreatic duct/ present with symptoms like severe pain, jaundice, severe loss of weight and appetite}.

Mild increase in size of the cyst {3 mm} over two years rules out cancer. The increase is size may also be due to change in CT scanner machine. I would not worry for this minimal increase. No symptoms too relieve me.

Surgery for cyst is indicated if it causes compression of surrounding structures leading to symptoms. In your case I would not think of surgery.

Next step - You need not worry of the cyst. It is not cancer for sure. A 6 monthly or may be once a year follow up is only that is needed - just to keep a watch on size of the cyst.

Good luck
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX been so worried I gained 20 lbs in first year after my diagnosis. They have me going once a year to a pancreatic cancer specialist in Chicago area. They call it an..ipmn or mucosal cyst..i do get more stomach aches very high up than I ever did, but it is not severe ...but I have a fourteen year history of severe acid reflux with sometimes ulceration and ibs syndrome.

Mucosal cyst is a simple cyst. It is benign {not a cancer}. I do not see relation of reflux disease with this cyst. Mild aches are likely due to the reflux {increased acid secretion in stomach}. I do not think it is due to the pancreatic cyst.

Do not worry.

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