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What causeslow insulin levels on blood work

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what causeslow insulin levels on blood work
Than you for your question:

Low insulin levels can be seen with low blood sugar or in cases of Type 1 diabetes
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

who do you go to for that

i see it all the time and they say nothing is wrong

what would my symptoms be?

Why was your insulin level checked?

Did the doctor who ordered this test suggest any treatment?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

NO! they were naturpath/ md doctors

i asked one of them and he said i don't know why you have low insulin

but i really think he was interested in other things

what does it mean

what would the symptoms be- what does one do and who do i go to?

Unless your blood sugar was elevated, there is really no specific symptoms that would be expected.

I'm still not sure why someone would order this blood test (insulin level) - particularly if they don't know how to interpret the results.

Ultimately, if you are concerned about this test, it would be an endocrinologist you need to see.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

i had my thyroid removed - is there a connection with the amount of synthroid you take

but it comes and goes on blood work and no one can explain it

i think there s a connection

why does it flucuate

Insulin levels do fluctuate widely throughout the day in response to blood sugar values. This is NOT a test that is typically done on a frequent/recurring basis. I would suggest seeing a physician (rather than a naturopath) specializing in endocrinology about your thyroid and these lab results.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.


the blood sugar is morning fasting?

why does it fluctuate-

if i did have diabetes whar would the symptoms be

what is the difference with low insulin and high insulin

sorry i am in canada- they do very little consulation and testing because of the cost!

what is type one diabetis and type 2

i never feel good and i think there may be something there!

which diabetis is the one u have to take needles

Blood sugar (much like your pulse or blood pressure) varies through the day and day to day based on diet, activity, time of day, hormone levels, illness, stress etc.

The pancreas secretes insulin in response to your blood sugar. As your sugar rises, the insulin level increases (the effect of insulin is to decrease blood sugar). You can think of this much like an air conditioning unit that works to keep air temperature down. As the temperature of the room increases, the air conditioner works harder (turns on the compressor and increases fans speed) until the room temperature reaches the goal. At that point, the compressor shuts off and the fan slows down.

Type 1 diabetes is considered an auto-immune condition where the cells that produce insulin are destroyed. Type 2 diabetes is most often associated with obesity. The body is relatively resistant to insulin effects because of the obesity. The pancreas continues to produce high levels of insulin, however th pancreas can not keep up the high demands and blood sugar remains high.

Both type of diabetes may require insulin - Type 1 always required insulin, Type 2 may need insulin.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

intresting?if i had type one ts that injections?

is the pancreaus a kidney doctor

autominnue have anything to do with hahsimotos

While some individuals have both diabetes and thyroiditis, the fact that someone has one condition does not dramatically increase the risk of the other.

Insulin levels are treated by endocrinologists.