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Dr. Cameron
Dr. Cameron, Doctor
Category: Medical
Satisfied Customers: 12910
Experience:  American Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and Ivy League trained. Medical Review Officer trained in Drug Testing
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I'm 5-3 160 pound female. If I drink 6 strong rum and cokes.

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I'm 5-3 160 pound female. If I drink 6 strong rum and cokes. Will my etg test show negative 90 hours after my last drink?
Dr. Cameron : He'll
Dr. Cameron : hello
Dr. Cameron : thanks for requesting me
Dr. Cameron : Are you still there
Dr. Cameron : please type and hit reply
Dr. Cameron : i saw your questions
Dr. Cameron : yes you will definitely be negative
Customer: Yes....if I drink 6 strong rum and cokes tonight, and have etg test Thursday at 6pm, will I pass
Dr. Cameron : I am a medical review officer- I have specialized training in interpretation of drug tests
Dr. Cameron : Yes- you will be negative
Customer: Why do some wesbsite say etg can test 3-5 days of alcohol consumption
Dr. Cameron : Not everything on the Internet is true
Customer: not to be rude, how do I know I'm actually speaking w a MD
Dr. Cameron : and I think I sent you a study that in the majority of cases they are negative well before that
Dr. Cameron : Because I am verified on this website
Dr. Cameron : and I had to send in my credentials
Dr. Cameron : including the medical review officer training by AAMRO
Customer: TRUE you are...ok I just don't want to trust this, have a few drinks, get tested Thursday then fail..Thad be horrible
Dr. Cameron : YES that would be bad. But if you have a few drinks and you are 80 hours out, you will be fine
Customer: Meaning, no matter how much I drink, as long as 80 hours passes since my last drink...I'll pass no problem
Dr. Cameron : I have answered 100s of questions like this and NO ONE has told me they failed after a few drinks and 80 hours later. Zero have failed
Dr. Cameron : Yes. But take it easy- don't get sick ok?
Customer: lol....I hv problems sleeping. Helps me sleep...I'm 35 just miscarried a baby at 16 weeks...u think I'm too old? Last question
Dr. Cameron : My best friend had her first baby at 40 last week
Dr. Cameron : But if you want to be pregnant, try to stop soon- you need your body in good shape and alcohol does cause fetal abnormalities as you know
Dr. Cameron : And start the folic acid supplements :-)
Customer: I got really fat..and no more baby :(. This was 4 weeks ago, so my hcg levels will still be positive on PREG test, most likely? Yes we r gonna try again in janary
Dr. Cameron : They could be. It takes a while for the levels to go Down
Dr. Cameron : But they may not be as well
Dr. Cameron : A New Years baby sounds fun :-)
Customer: Thanks for your help. Just to re-iterate. 80 hours from my last drink I will 10000% pass Urine ETG test....? Yes we want to start the New Year hopefully w a healthy pregnancy
Dr. Cameron :

yes I am 1million sure you will pass

Customer: Your very helpful, very nice.....ok I believe you! Thanks again! :)
Dr. Cameron :

in the mean time, enjoy your holidays, start exercising and get yourself in shape for the baby

Dr. Cameron :

you are welcome :-)

Dr. Cameron :

I hope that I provided you with excellent service?

Customer: Will do :p
Dr. Cameron :

I will check in with you next week to see how your test was.. :-)

Dr. Cameron :

Did I provide you with excellent service? :-)?

Dr. Cameron :


Dr. Cameron and 2 other Medical Specialists are ready to help you
It looks like the chat did not close properly
Did you have another question about this or did I provide you with excellent service? :-)?
Baby dust... XXX
I was wondering how your test was... ?