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I am a 67 year old female, 153 lbs, 5`3, Type 2 Diabetic. I

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Hello, I am a 67 year old female, 153 lbs, 5`3, Type 2 Diabetic. I take the following pills:
1000 mg Glucopage 2 x D; 5 mg Glucotrol 2 x D; 100 mg Januvia 1 x D; -- 20 mg Paxil 1 x D;
0.1 MG Paxil 1 x D; 50 MG Cozaar 1 X D; 40 MG Nexium 1 x D; 80 MG Zocor 1 x N; 2 mg Requip; 1 x N
I was feeling fine. Then on Sep 25, we wen to a local restaurant for our 48th Anniversary and had a wonderful Dinner - Fried Lobstail Tail w/ sauce appetizer, white Zin, French Onion Soup, Salad w/ Thousand Island Dressing, Prime Rib (M Rare), with Baked Potato w/sour cream & butter, finished with a delicious Bread Pudding.
I felt fine all evening until after I went to bed; then, about 2 pm, I suddenly woke up with a need to vomit -- which I did repeatedly (projectile vomiting followed by numerous dry heaves), To that point, I did not feel the least bit wheezy. Following that point, my chest was sore from the vomiting and dry heaves muscle contractions., I took some Pepto Bismal and went back to bed. The next morning, I woke up suddenly with the need to vomit again, plus, diarrhea (at the same time). Again, I slept well prior to that. I, again, took Peptol Bismal. I figured it must have been food poising from the meal. But, since then, every morning and every night I -- after going to sleep, I suddenly wake up and vomit -- and, each morning, I get up and vomit (sometimes -- just dry heaves. I'm not running a fever and I don't feel bad internally, except for soreness in my chest, and, tiredness and lack of energy. I sleep fine once I go to sleep until I wake up suddenly to vomit -- and, then, I get back to sleep easily and sleep well -- until I am awakened suddenly with the need to vomit (and, have diarrhea either with or during my vomit. Then, I am fine throughout the day. So, what do you all think I have? And, do I need to make an appointment with my doctor? Thanks. *****
Hi there.
Welcome to Just Answer and thank you for the question.
I am Dr.Abid a Medical Internist and will help you out.
Thanks for such a nice history.
You are right it can be because of food related issue like food poisoning but urge to vomit in context of diabetes need evaluation for any gall bladder or liver issue.I will suggest you to get your liver function test and ultrasonography abdomen to rule out gall bladder or liver problem so that appropriate treatment may be offered to you.
It will be wise decision to make appointment with your dr and plan liver function test and ultrasonography.
Regards ***** ***** luck.
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