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My girlfriend(ash) has been having some severe stomache

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Hi, my girlfriend(ash) has been having some severe stomache pains for about 2 days now. Some symptoms and information:
1. We are both under a tremendous amount of stress which may be contributing.
2. The pain isn't very sharp or dull.
3. It is pretty high up in the stomache, making her suspect acid reflux or something similar.
4. Her stools (and mine) have been loose for about 3 days now, but we aren't sure if it is something we ate affecting us for so long.
5. We tried pepto bismal midnight last night, but don't know what the effect was(Slept). We tried prilosec today which may have helped a bit for a few hours, but ~4-5 hours later it flared up again.
What might this be / how can we relieve this pain?

Hello, this is Dr. David. I have read your question and I'm ready to help.

increased stress and anxiety can cause the stomach to produce excess stomach acid and cause acid reflux

it can also cause the bowels to move faster and cause loose stools.

your friend needs to see a doctor. she could have a stomach ulcer and might need stronger stomach acid blocking medications than over the counter prilosec. she might need nexium or protonix prescription medication.

she might need testing for H Pylori as well

does she have health insurance to be able to go see a GI specialist for more evaluation and treatment?

is there anyway you can decrease this stress in your life and your friends life?

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