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I am looking for a Dr Andy Levit who is working on a pilot

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I am looking for a Dr Andy Levit who is working on a pilot program at Sunnybrook called Family Navigational Services...It helps families navigate the health care system for services concerning mental illness for teens
Exact location [toronto area?].
Type of
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

This doctor is working on a pilot program at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto to assist parents in Navigating Mental Health Services for their teen. I heard about this pilot program on CBC radio today called Living Out Loud. Dr Andy Levitt is the person spearheading this pilot program according to the program I listened to.


I am trying to get more info re this pilot program.

Call and ask for him here.
There is not a direct number.

Bayview Campus XXXXX
Toronto, ON
Canada M4N 3M5 (NNN) NNN-NNNN
Map & Directions
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I gave you the wrong name of the Doctor...It is Anthony, not Andy Levitt. However the number you gave me was a start. It would have been much more helpful if you had corrected my mistake in your response to me and I could have googled him to do more research.


Thank you.

The number was given to you because it had anthony levit

I would not necessarily thing that his nick name was not Andy.

I am not sure why you are giving me a poor service for your mistake, and if his nickname is XXXXX XXXXX is not really a mistake.

The information was correct none the less.

Yet, you have rated me bad with JA, and made sure that JA will not pay me for my time.

I will be glad to help you with any further research but I will need to to reverse the poor rating.

I should point out that other experts did not take this question, and that it took some work to locate the correct doctor.

And that you can still do research as you have the correct name
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I will re-rate you Dr. Thomas. Just for future reference it is highly unlikely that a professional Dr. would go by a nick name, particularly when he is the head of a ongoing Research Project.


The name you discovered him under would have completed your effort significantly had you included it in the above info..


However, I was able to track him down with the phone number you provided and I am much appreciative of your efforts. thank you.

You are welcome anytime
I fully assumed that this was the correct doctor.

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Come back for anything needed.

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