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My brother passed out today. He was walking outside and fell

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My brother passed out today. He was walking outside and fell flat on his face. He had not eaten anything yet (it was about 3 pm) and had an energy drink, a couple cups of coffee, and 3 beers to drink throughout the day. His eyes were rolled back into his head and he was slightly convulsing while passes out. Upon awakening his blood pressure was 58/46. After a glass of water and something to eat it went up to 128/88. My question is, should he seek immediate medical help (ER) or is it ok to make a doctors appointment for later this week? He is worried about missing work, but I am worried about his immediate health.
Dr. Phil, MD :


Dr. Phil, MD :

please enter chat mode

Dr. Phil, MD :

Hi. I'm Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil, MD :

Can I ask your first name?

Customer: Hello Amber is my first name
Dr. Phil, MD :

Hi Amber. nice to meet you :)

Customer: Thank you! Nice to meet you as well
Dr. Phil, MD :

Is your brother otherwise healthy?

Customer: As far as I know. He never goes to the doctor. Poor eating habits, he rarely eats before dinner. He does drink beer every day as well.
Dr. Phil, MD :

Thank you Amber.

Dr. Phil, MD :

This is likely a vasovagal reaction. Fainting in other words

Dr. Phil, MD :

However, it could be serious with his poor habits.

Dr. Phil, MD :

Dehydration, heart attack, stroke.

Dr. Phil, MD :

This needs to be checked immediately

Customer: So, emergency room? Or doctor appointment this week?
Dr. Phil, MD :

emergency definitely amber

Customer: Ok thank you very much! I will drag him there myself.
Dr. Phil, MD :

you're welcome Amber.

Dr. Phil, MD :

Any more questions for me?

Customer: No, thank you for your help!
Dr. Phil, MD :

Did I do excellent work for you amber?

Customer: Yes
Dr. Phil, MD :

thank you :)

Dr. Phil, MD :

Would you be so kind as to rate me excellent?

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