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I am sure you receive a million questions a day, both happy

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hello. i am sure you receive a million questions a day, both happy and sad, but i'm sorry to report that my inquiry may be one of the more upsetting...
i am a young woman, twenty-eight years of age and mother to a beautiful two year old boy.
i recently found out i am pregnant, around 11 weeks, but there is a problem.
i use oxycontin, around 40-60mg a day.
this feels insane to even write these words.
i am healthy, i'm a non-smoker (have been for three years, since we started trying for our first), and i drink in moderation (one beer, a few times a week and occasionally two glasses of wine at dinner. on a wild night i might have three glasses of wine, but i can safely say i have between two and five drinks a week).
i'm a successful business owner with my husband, we run a bakery and a restaurant, and during the busy season the days are very long (14 hours), but i am very lucky and my husband works twice as much as me so that i can take three days off a week to look after our son. i absolutely love being a mom, but we were NOT trying to become pregnant.
my periods have been very irregular since the birth of my son (the were irregular previous to his birth, but are even more so now. I only took a pregnancy test after not having a period for three months, and when i knew that i had not been as responsible as usual with my birth control. still, i am surprised).
my oxycontin use began with a hurt back, and a friend to seems to have unlimited access to the drug. i found it to be miraculous, not only in the way that it allowed me to function while i waited for my back to heal, but for the energy it sometimes gave me, and the easy relaxing nights i had when i returned home from work and took the pills.
i am horrified that i have become a user.
i have no idea when i became such an addict.
i was only taking it occasionally, and when money problems may have interfered with others' drug use, our economic situation allowed me to continue to buy them, and the days between doses became smaller and smaller.
i realized i was in trouble, when because of a family vacation and being out of town for two weeks, i experienced withdrawal symptoms. i hated them, and was humiliated. i vowed to not longer use.
however, i weight loss surgery had me on percocet and restarted my addiction.
since beginning to use again, i have struggled to rationalize my choices.
again, i am successful in my work. i have a wonderful group of close friends who i see on an almost daily basis. my son is gorgeous and has incredible relationships with my friends, his father, my parents and his uncle. i truly find my family life to be a dream. i could not ask for anything more.
athleticism is important to me and i run five to eight miles, four days a week and lift weights for an hour three days a week.
i eat healthy, i have enough money to be comfortable, i don't abuse alcohol and i haven't smoked in three years
how did this happen to me? HOW?!
i am so beyond embarrassed, humiliated, humbled, and guilty... i can't believe i am pregnant...
i would love to have another baby... i love my son more then ANYTHING. i want to stop use IMMEDIATELY. but i know that i can't because of the symptoms. I found out three days ago and i have started a tapering schedule.
i can't live thinking i hurt my unborn baby. i am a GOOD mother. i may not be a healthy person, despite what i have listed here, but i change and i just cant stay the way i am.
i knew these things were bad... what happened? how did i become this person? if i didn't work so much, if i weren't in such denial, would i have noticed the symptoms of pregnancy earlier?
i am SO sorry. i just realized i have been absolutely ranting. this is because i am scared. and because i absolutely HATE myself. this is NOT who i am.
my real questions:
have i hurt my baby irreparably?
again, i dont drink much, but i was %100 sober my first pregnancy. have these glasses of wine done horrible damage?
how do i proceed. i have read horror stories online since finding out i was pregnant. will my baby be taken from me? if he/she is even ok...
i WILL stop. but do i tell my doctor? i am seriously so horrified. no one knows about my use except my close friend, who i suppose is also my dealer (what a horrible thing to have to write...) NO ONE knows.. i can't tell my family. i CANNOT. they will take away everything from me.
I am STRONG. can i stop this instant? i read online that the withdrawals can lead to miscarriage. the internet has been horrible in shaming me. is this a good thing? i deserve it. but is it accurate?
please help me. i will investigate anything you recommend but if my baby is still ok, i need to hear it. i can't live another day like this.
pain pills are the devil. ive never meet any other demon like this. i was just a normal girl before this came along. i'll never understand what happened....
thank you...

Hello and thank you for the question Alison.
Answers given are for informational purposes only and are not meant to replace an exam by an in-person.
I am Dr. Sohaib, a practicing Internal Medicine Specialist and i will do my best to help you today.

You have broken the barrier, its reassuring that you have realized the problem you have. This is the most important factor to determine the success rate for getting off the drug/substance abuse.

Dont feel embarrassed; you did all this under the influence of drug, and there might be a genetic predisposition you had towards substance abuse (most of us has), which does not manifest until we start abusing any drug.

Using such kind of drugs can lead to birth defects in some babies, but not in the most.

As per American College of Gynaecology, "the current standard of care for pregnant women with opioid dependence is referral for opioid-assisted therapy with methadone, but emerging evidence suggests that buprenorphine also should be considered".

So the first step here is to see your gynaecologist, discuss all the problems you have and the detail i have mentioned, and get further management plan chalked out that suits best to your needs.

he gynaecologist may involve an addiction medicine specialist in the treatment plan, and with the help of both the professionals (and your support), they can make your pregnancy not only safer, but will also help you to successfully get off the narcotics.

Stay relaxed and proceed as i mentioned.

My goal is to provide you with Excellent Service - if satisfied with the response, Please do not forget to Rate my service as this is the only way i get credit for my time and expertise on your question.

If you feel you have gotten anything less, please reply back, I am happy to address follow-up questions.

Kindest Regards.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i am so very appreciative of the information you have provided, as well as your sensitivity to my emotional state. i will absolutely consult my doctor concerning the options you mentioned. as for privacy, is there a reasonable expectation that anything i discuss with my doctor will between us only? i do not wish for all alarms to be sounded, and in fact, that would make it less likely that i would be able to be %100 honest with my doctor. that closeness i described with my family comes with strings at times. i want this to be between my doctor, my baby and me. no one else. is that realistic? will cps be called, no matter my willingness to cooperate with the program and become addiction free? i would love to not feel embarrassed, but i am also afraid. what are the legal implications of my addiction? i only ask so that when i make my first appointment i do not walk into a mine field. surprise government action would shock and horrify me. again, i am new to this world, and never ever in my life expected to be in this situation. i want to work with a doctor in a safe, confidential environment where the health of me and my baby are top priority. no one else matters. as i know nothing of the code of the medical field (save for the fact that you, and others i have met have been angels in helping me to recover from various ailments : i was attack by a dog when i was a young girl and the nurse who treated me was literally named "Angel" and she made me believe that doctors and nurses are incredible, educated individuals who seek out careers where they can most use their skills to help people), i am scared that maybe i have broken a "rule" and may be exposed for who i really am. i can't handle that. when the baby is born, will my parents be told?

i apologize. this response has derailed. it is late, and i am tired. can i work with a doctor confidentially? thank you for everything. i feel brave in this moment. my appointment is on wednesday. i will be honest. i want a healthy baby. thank you. i know that we are better then this, and that my family deserves better. i wish i could meet you, so that you could see me when i recover and this is all behind me. thank you. thank you so very much,

Yes you can work with the doctor confidentially.

There wont be any alrams/govt actions against you at all.

You were prescribed this medication legally for your problem, and many people who are prescribed these kind of medications develop the dependance problem.

We treat them all the day, respectfully ***** ***** confidentiality.

Stay relaxed.

My goal is to provide you with Excellent Service - if satisfied with the response, Please do not forget to Rate my service as this is the only way i get credit for my time and expertise on your question.

If you feel you have gotten anything less, please reply back, I am happy to address follow-up questions.

Kindest Regards.

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Hello Alison.

Is there something else that remains unasnwered for you?

Let me know, i will be glad to assist until you are satisfied.

My goal is to provide you with Excellent Service - if satisfied with the response, Please do not forget to Rate my service as this is the only way i get credit for my time and expertise on your question.

Hello Alison.
I hope you are fine.
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