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Dr Uzair
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Weght lss: Doctors Practicing in US For weight loss

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Weght lss: Doctors Practicing in US
For weight loss specialists & doctors practicing in US .
Dear Experts - I need your help desperately .
Offlate in the past 3 month I have gained 10 lbs , I dont drink /smoke at all . Vegeterian , Hates choclates and cookies. But I do eat some sweets(ocassionaly) and (rice -daily )
Top 3 suggestions you would give for a person like me to help me loose weight .
Hi. Welcome to JustAnswer. I shall try my best to assist you while you are corresponding with me.
I am a general and a laparoscopic surgeon and have worked in a bariatric surgery unit as well. Now I am in my Plastic Surgery Fellowship and deal with post bariatric procedure patients who have lost substantial weight and are candidates for abdominoplasties (contouring surgeries).
There is a lot to do when it comes to weight loss.
Three things that help keep the weight in check are Diet, Exercise and No stress.

You need to see a Nutritionist or a dietitian who can tailor your diet according to your body's requirements and this can only be done by having a comprehensive consultation in person.
Exercise or better still, aerobics and cardio help you loose weight very rapidly, if done correctly. Trainers and aerobic instructors are very helpful in that regard.

A stress free life style will keep your mind healthy and help you eat in lesser amounts, make you less hungry and help you avoid alcohol and fizzy drinks or beverages.
You will also be kept clear of stress related diseases like Diabetes and hypertension which also promote obesity.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks a Lot Dr. Uzair .Happy to get help from a specialist like you.

In my research over the past week , I have found that some tests like Basal Metabolic Rate , Leptin , TSH (thyroid) , ALCAT food sensitivity also are helpful .

But I am surprised why they are not often recommended , Are(there might be many other tests) they really useful ?

I got the above information from articles on the web , so want to double check the information with a qualified expert in this field .

Any help is highly appreciated

Thanks for the details.

These tests are recommended but only as adjuncts and often not required when one is proceeding for surgery -- take for example the Basal Metabolic Rate, this is the amount of energy expended at rest in a day. There is a long definition of what "rest" is in the definition of BMR as well. Let's not get in to that.
The BMR changes constantly with eating habits (diet), activity and even stress, sleeping etc.
So, a person undergoing bariatric surgery or life style changes or diet changes, will have a different BMR at the end of each spectrum.
TSH is often recommended in people, whom we suspect of having an underactive thyroid gland.
Features of an underactive thyroid gland can be seen on a clinical examination and details received in the history, once there is suspicion, the test is recommended.
Leptin hormone levels would be more likely recommended in someone who has a fluctuating weight and alternates between rapid weight loss or gain.
The ALCAT sensitivity tests are reserved for individuals who are allergic to certain dietary substances.
Secondly, the tests you mention are often not cost effective for the amount of information they yield.
Hope this helps.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Understood. Thanks for trying to explain these complex concepts to a novice like me .

Apart from lifestyle changes would you recommend any tests (especially if anything is covered by insurance but all irrespective of Price) - I can find a local physician .

Thanks for your appreciation and the reply.

Yes, a thyroid function test is often helpful in individuals who gain weight without dietary or life style changes. But that too only after your physician who has the liberty of examining you thinks its going to be beneficial.
Hope this helps.
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If you have more questions or queries on the subject please reply back.
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