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History: 53yrs female, Hep C geno type 1, liver panel aways

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History: 53yrs female, Hep C geno type 1, liver panel aways good now within limits, count is usually around 500,000. had some sort if tumor marker test and it was good about 3 months ago. I had ultrasound 3 days ago no results yet maybe today. About 70 lbs overweight, non smoker, drink approx 3 beer or mixed drink a week with dinner. Non smoker. Have ADHD take Wellbutrin, Adderall (when at work), Valium 3-4 a month if I cant sleep, and LDN for my hep c and Fibro symptoms. Im also combo hetro for MTHFR and protein S deficiency (this s a genetic blood issue that causes def in folic acid and b12 and can cause blood clots) I have never had blood clot and take a supplament nattokinase to keep blood clots at bay. My Grandmother was and my mother is on warfarin for this. Both having blood clots and embolisms way before my age.
Issue: Sept 10th fell and hurt knee got X-ray next day. Also did fall on rt side but nothing hurt but shoulder and arm besides knee. Got MRI of knee 16th still no results about knee. Got ultrasound on the 16th also since I had never had time to get that done of upper rt quadrant to check liver. Ultrasound tech said I had fatty liver and slightly enlarged pancreas I knew about pancrease from CT scan 1 yr ago for female issue May get results of ultrasound today if not Im changing Gastros because I have never actually seen this one just the Nurse. The office is too disorganized, rude etc.
My leg is in a brace to stabilize knee, the doc thinks something is torn.
On the 17th went to grocery store and when I bent over to pick something up I got sharp stabbing pain behind the lower right part of right breast sorta like broke rib feeling. If I lay on my back no pain at all, lay on right side slightly sharp pain scale 3-4 turns immediately dull number one pain. when I use abdominal muscles to pull myself up outa bed sharp pain till standng then dull number 1 pain same if I bend over. If I pressed in the area the first day no pain from manipulation but now hurts if I do. No pain if I press when laying down. Actually the bending over pain is better today it hurts when coming back upright. I was just looking in the mirror and I have a slightly swollen area below same breast but to the left side of right breast and below it. Swollen area about the size of my palm.
I have had a broken rib before that felt like this except worse. Im thinking maybe when I fell that I actually injured my rib slightly then when I got my ultrasound tech was very firm, I know she had to be to get get good pics especially because Im overweight.But the ultrasound was not painful just slightly uncomfortable. Nothing different then when I had abdominal ultrasounds.
I have never had liver or gallbladder pain from the HCV.
I do have IBS (self diagnosed) not constipation but diarrhea if I eat fatty foods are drink a large milkshake. It will continue to persist until I take Pepto Bismal tablets which stops it usually permantley until I screw up and eat wrong.
There you have my life story.
Hello, this is Dr. David. I have read your question and I'm ready to help.

you could have broken a rib with the fall or caused a hair line fracture of the rib.

the ultrasound of the abdomen most likely will not pick up the rib issue.

you should get a rib xray series or a chest CT scan to look for fractured rib or a bone contusion in the area

you should ice the area where it hurts to help the pain and decrease swelling.

there is not much which can be done for a rib fracture excepting icing he area.

hopefully in a few days, the area will heal up and the pain will be less.

let me know if you have questions.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks, ***** ***** and ultrasound of the upper right quadrant. Would ultrasound pick that up?

most likely the ultrasound will not pick up a rib fracture since the ultrasound is not really tuned to look at the ribs. the ultrasound is really looking deeper to look at the liver and gall bladder and internal abdominal organs.

a rib xray series or chest CT scan is better to look at the ribs to check for rib fracture
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