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Hi doctorI had unprotected oral with a female status

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Hi doctor

I had unprotected oral sex with a female status unknown. I licked her vagina and she sucked my penis and we kissed eachother. we did twice, Then I develop a sore throat, which still present since my risk event. my sore throat start one week after first event, 1 hour after the second event.

I feel neck pain my back of neck pain, I feel nodule on back of my right neck, swollen tonsil on my left side, I some times also feel ear pain and jaw pain. Dry throat, and pain swallowing, I noticed some very small bubble evenly distributed on my upper oral cavity, also there are white color on my left tonsil. It pain 24 7.Also sometimes my upper chest feels discomfort, where it connects to my lower neck, especially at morning when I woke up.

I went to hospital tested the following: WBC differential normal, except:
Absolute Neutrophil Count 5.2 > 4.8 Basophil 0.1 reach high limit.

Strep throat 1 month since last risk event: Negative

mono 1 month since last risk event: negative HIV-1/HIV-2 ab/ag EIA 1 month non-reactive since last risk event 5 weeks since the first risk event.

Two times clinic temperature check normal. two of my doctor suggest I have viral infection, don't take antibiotics.

But I search online that normal viral infection on upper respiratory system will disappear in 2 or 3 weeks.

I am planning to see my doctor again to get reevaluated. I worried the HIV window period, because I think no sore throat can last that long. How reliable is 4th generation EIA test? for 1 month Please help me.
Dear customer,

Thanks for your question.

Basically when compared to the third-generation assays, fourth-generation assays have greater sensitivity and can identify infection earlier. HIV antibodies can be detected in most individuals within 3-4 weeks of viral transmission with the current third-generation assays. The p24 antigen level becomes elevated and detectable before an antibody response during the initial burst of viral replication, hence early antigen recognition with fourth-generation assays reduces the window period for detection by approximately 5 days. So yes it is reliable at 1 month, however for a definitive result, you'll still need a three-month antibody test.

Take care.
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