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I am a 67 yr. old Asian(Japanese), male. In very good

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I am a 67 yr. old Asian(Japanese), male. In very good health, slightly overweight(30lbs.)
About three weeks ago I noticed a itchy, welt like rash on my stomach just above my beltline. Has come and gone for last 10 yrs. I assumed it was a dietary reaction because it would show in the evening and be gone in a day or two. In the past month, it is now lasting longer and more often. No change in diet.
In the past three weeks I have also had a problem with an itchy scrotum. That might be a known as a male trait but, I have never had that problem. I have been using a Cortizone crème for the itching but, am concerned with what may be causing the rash and itching in both cases.
I have good hygiene and I shower every morning and a bath before bedtime.
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Q. Is the rash white scaly and red at the edges?

Q. Does it occur in a belly fold?

Q. Do you blow dry with hot air?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

the rash is not red or scaly. it seems to be more like welts. sort of in the belly fold mixes in with the belt compression marks. yes, i use warm air on high.

Thanks for the details.

Rashes can be due to allergies, bacterial infections, viral infections, exposure to chemicals, heat, friction etc.
This could be an allergy that is now taking longer to clear up than before and I think its time you start taking anti allergic medication when this rash appears to avoid any prolonged symptom. Other conditions that come to mind are intertrigo, heat rash (miliaria), tinea of the scrotum.
Intertrigo, a bacterial infection, that occurs in body folds or areas of the body that are adjacent and in contact to each other or other surfaces like belt lines and collar areas. The precipitating event is friction between the skin of the two areas causing skin breaking and super infection with skin commensals (bacteria of the skin). This can cause a welt like rash and since these folds are humid and hot, the environment is favorable for bacteria to dwell in.
To get an exact diagnosis on a rash like this, the rash should be examined or seen.
Sometimes, in intertrigo or infective rashes, a skin culture from the area of the rash is warranted to see which organism is responsible.
I suggest that you do not use hot air or blow dry the area, since hot air worsens allergic rashes as well as promotes inflammation and also causes dryness of the skin and damages the skin due to heat as well.
I would also advise that you see your dermatologist specially when the rash is present or when you have pictures of the rash in its full form.
Use the Hydrocortisone cream only when necessary. You can use Bacitracin once or twice daily, this is anti bacterial ointment good for intertrigo, but this is to be done once your doctor has confirmed it to be intertrigo or a bacteria infection.
Keep the area clean and dab it dry after you wash it with an anti septic soap.
Do not rub or blow dry the area.
Keep a soft refined cotton cloth in between the rash and the belt or in the body fold if the rash presents there.
You should take Cetrizine or Loratidine twice a day when the rash appears, this is good for any itchy rash.
In case, this is a fungal rash like tinea of the scrotum this can only be diagnosed by a Dermatologist who has the liberty of examining this and taking a culture or skin biopsy.
Use of anti fungal ointments or powders on the scrotum can be beneficial in that case.
Hope this helps.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Except for my scrotum problem, you have told me what I have been told by my dermitologist in the past. I was just worried that it may have been symtoms of more serious internal problems. As for the scrotum, it sounds like I may have "jock itch". I remember that term from my high school sporting days.

If you can confirm that these problems are not usually indications of any more serious internal problems that may be accuring, i will be happy and good to go!

Thanks for replying.
The symptoms you described point towards the conditions both I and your dermatologist have mentioned.
I agree with your dermatologist and I do not think this is anything to do with serious conditions affecting your internal organs.
And yes, tinea infections are termed as jock itch. You are absolutely right.
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