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911DOC, Board Certified Dr.
Category: Medical
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Experience:  Emergency Medicine Physician
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I am very fair-skinned. On Saturday, I thought I put on

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I am very fair-skinned. On Saturday, I thought I put on enough sunscreen but didn't and sunburnt my shoulders pretty bad. I was on vacation, so immediately after I placed iced-soaked towels, changing them out frequently. Once home (early this morning), I started applying some aloe. I seem to be healing but very slowly. As I need to go back to work tomm and would like to be able to wear a shirt and function, is there some other treatment that will heal faster?
911DOC :

Unfortunately not.

911DOC :

you are doing the right things

911DOC :

but a burn, even a sunburn

911DOC :

will heal at the same rate whatever you do

911DOC :

the aloe is a good thing

911DOC :

and if this is uncomfortable you can use Tylenol or ibuprofen as needed

911DOC :

standing by

Customer: Not what I wanted to hear
911DOC :


911DOC :

that's simply the truth

Customer: I know your right, just not what I wanted to hear.
911DOC :

i understand

911DOC :

is your skin peeling?

Customer: Not yet but I know it will
911DOC :

probably so

911DOC :

when it does you can keep it moisturized and this will make it not as obvious to others

911DOC :

but that's about the best you can do until complete healing

Customer: It's still hot in spots and hurts so bad to move. Haven't had this since I was a kid... I know better
911DOC :

it's too bad that happened

911DOC :

sounds like you got a pretty good roasting

Customer: Yup, I'm as white as a chicken an turned red as a lobster!!!
911DOC :


911DOC :

for now you can use cool towels on the burned area with the aloe

911DOC :

and take Tylenol or ibuprofen

911DOC :

to relieve pain

911DOC :

that will help a bit

Customer: It's the only places I didn't use MIL's 100 SPF lotion....go figure!!!
911DOC :

sounds like you need a helper next time to get everything covered... hard to reach certain spots.

Customer: Yup! Ok, I guess I'll buy some more aloe and cowgirl up!!! LOL
911DOC :

that's funny

Customer: Thanks and bye!
911DOC :

do you have any final questions for me?

Customer: Nope, bye
911DOC :

Very well.

Thank you so much for your question. It was a pleasure talking with you. Should you need my assistance in the future simply start your question with ‘for 911doc only’.

Positive feedback is always appreciated.

Be Well


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