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I had an ultrasound done to look at my kidneys and my doctor

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I had an ultrasound done to look at my kidneys and my doctor said that my right kidney shows upper pole caliectasis versus cyst without suspicious
sonographic features. My microalbumin was extremly high and reading online, it's a sign of kidney disease. Is there something else going on?
Welcome and thank you for your question.
As you have probably read, caliectasis means a condition in which the renal pelvices become abnormally dilated. This can lead to leakage of albumin in the urine causing high albumin levels in the urine.
Microalbuminuria with caliectasis is usually seen in conditions in which the kidneys become damaged due to conditions like kidney infections, blockage in the urinary tract due to stones diabetes, high blood pressure, SLE etc.
Since you are only 24 years old, the causes are likely to be kidney infection or blockage.
Please consult a nephrologist - you will need a more detailed study of the urinary tract.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I know it sounds very far fetch, but could it be something serious? Should i be very concearned about kidney disease or failure?

My ultrasound was clear of kidney stones. He said it looked fine, other then the cyst.


It is unlikely that you have a serious kidney disease. Cancers of the kidney usually show up as tumors or cysts - not just as caliectasis. Also, only one pole of one kidney is affected. For the kidney to fail, damage has to be extensive.
The blockage in the urinary tract may be lower down in the bladder or the ureters and you will need a cystoscopy for a checkup.
I doubt that this is anything very serious.
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