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I think I may have been exposed to HIV and other STDs within

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I think I may have been exposed to HIV and other STDs within the last 36-48 hours. Is there something I can do prophylacticly to reduce risk of infection ??
The current recommendation for PEP for HIV depends upon the type of exposure.
What sexual encounter occurred?
Why do you think that you were exposed?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Unprotected oral sex with female who bit the head of penis. Later in the evening, unprotected oral and vaginal sex with another female, both of whom it was later revealed were HIV positive. There is currently a 2-3 cm laceration on the head of penis, likely sustained from the first encounter
Thank you for the additional information.

Yes, PEP would be recommended for this level of exposure. Any unprotected penile-vaginal sex with a person that is known to be HIV positive would be an indication for PEP. The fact that there was also some biting and an open laceration from the first encounter would increase the risk, but PEP would be recommended even if there were no laceration.

The current recommendation for PEP is that it should be initiated within 72 hours of the exposure, so if it has been approaching 48 hours since the encounter, it is important that you get started on PEP later today. The system doesn't tell me what time it is where you are, but it does state that the country is US, so this would be in the middle of the night at present, so it would be appropriate to be seen and started on PEP once the offices open later today. If you are in a different time, then the key is to be started before 72 hours,

It is not as clear that prophylaxis for other STDs is beneficial, unless the person is known to also have one of the other STDs. If they are also known to have gonorrhea, chlamydia, or trichomonas, it would be appropriate to be treated for these germs. However, since each of these germs can be cured, that person should have been treated if any of them had been detected, so the only real concern would be if the diagnosis had been recent so that there had not been sufficient time for the treatment to be effective.

If you have any further questions, please let me know.
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