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I take Pletal and Plavix due to clogged arteries in my legs.

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I take Pletal and Plavix due to clogged arteries in my legs. I have had 3 leg stints. After i fractured a hip last year I started drinking one Boost Plus drink a day as it seemed to help me gain weight back and get energy. I just realized this drink contains 45% of Vit K. Pharmacy had told me i should not take Vit K as it would reduce the effects of the blood thinners. Is drinking boost not a good idea?
Are you taking any other medicines?
Specifically, are you taking Coumadin/warfarin?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I take Cardvilol, Clonidine, Verapamil, Trandopil and Losartins for blood pressure

Thank you for the additional information.

There is no problem with taking vitamin K while taking Pletal and Plavix. The vitamin K will interfere with the action of Coumadin / warfarin, which are antagonists of the action of vitamin K in forming proteins involved in blood clotting. Neither the Pletal or the Plavix work by this mechanism, so they are not sensitive to intake of vitamin K.

There are two mechanisms for making blood clots - proteins that are made int he liver and platelets that are made in the bone marrow. Both the Pletal and the Plavix affect platelet function, and the Pletal also helps to dilate arteries. Since neither drug affects the protein clotting mechanism, the intake of vitamin K is not an issue.

It is also not true that increasing the vitamin K intake will make the protein clotting more intense, unless someone has a vitamin K deficiency or is using a vitamin K antagonist, such as the Coumadin / warfarin. When someone has a normal level of vitamin K, the protein clotting mechanism will work at 100%, and increasing the amount of vitamin K will not raise the clotting mechanism above 100%.

Therefore there is no reason to be concerned about vitamin K intake while taking these two drugs (or any of the other medicines that you are taking).
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