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Why is fasting required prior to getting an Ultrasound and

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Why is fasting required prior to getting an Ultrasound and what relevance does fasting have as far as fasting 5 hours vs 6?
Would apple juice or plain sugar sweetened water interfere with an abdominal ultrasound to evaluate AAA?
911DOC :

Great question.

911DOC :

The answer is that food or liquid in the stomach and intestines can interfere with the Ultrasound image.

911DOC :

Air (gas), especially, can blur-out the image badly.

911DOC :

As to the liquids they are probably okay, but I would stick with water only.

911DOC :

And would certainly ask your doctor... you don't want to have to repeat this exam.

911DOC :

Carbonated bevereages are a no-no.

911DOC :

Please let me know if you have questions about my answer.

911DOC :

Positive feedback always appreciated.

911DOC :


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

If in fact there was air in the abdomen... what sort of readings would appear? Would an aorta appear with a larger diameter; for example? Is it critical for a reading of the aorta in particular?

it is critical 's not that the aorta would appear larger, it's that it couldn't be seen at all. It would be like trying to drive on the highway in a snowstorm without windshield wipers or a defroster.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

in my moms case, she began eating the egg sandwhich at 8:30 but i didn't know she didn;t want the smoothie but ended up having it anyway round 9;05.......her ultrasound was at 2;30....So you think the reading was NOT compromised or would be false in some way or not true?

The Ultrasound will either be adequate or not. There is no way for me to tell. It will say in the report if the images were good enough to interpret or not.

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