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Doc, you have helped me before, and I need your expertise once

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Doc, you have helped me before, and I need your expertise once again.

I need your help in understanding a couple of lab values. In May 2011 my Co2 was 32, which was 1-point above the upper control limit of 31. It dropped to 30 in April 2012. I had blood tests for varied reasons in April 2013 and June 2013 (just a couple of months back).

My April Co2 value was 28 on an upper control limit of 31. My June 7 value was 30 on the same upper control limit. And, finally my June 14 Co2 value was 31 against the upper control limit of 31 – right at the high limit. My chloride is at 100 at the low end control limit of 99…chloride has been between 98 and 101 during this 2.5 year span.

I have my health records dating back to 2007 – was in another state prior to my current location – my Co2 value in 2007 was 22 (the upper control limit there was 32 compared to my current 31 limit). The Co2 moved around between 22 and 28 between 2007 and 2011 prior to leaving, but never approached the upper limits.

My doctor is not at all concerned with these values or the movement. I am – not sure why, but I am concerned with the movement – will you help me better understand why I should not be concerned? I know I didn’t fast before any of the most recent tests, and the only medications I am on are atorvastatin (20mg) and fluvoxamine (started recently).

I know the “bad” reasons why Co2 raises, but I am trying to find out the non serious reasons. For instance – could not fasting cause an increase, is diet a factor, etc.? If there were to be something significant would I already know it – given my value was outside the range in early 2011?

Any expertise you’re willing to share is much appreciated.
These values are fine.
They jump around within the normal range like this, and one point above normal in the absence of other abnormalities is not a concern.

It is within lab error ranges.

Your doc is correct.

Please let me know if you have further questions.
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