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Dr. P. Jyoti
Dr. P. Jyoti, Consultant MD
Category: Medical
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Experience:  17 yrs experience in treating OPD & Emergency patients.
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Could a bump on my scrotum be an STD?

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I had protected sex about a week ago with a random woman I met at a bar, it was my first one night stand with a random person in five years and I am not sexually active. It's been two days that I've been having this bump on my scrotum, there isn't any liquid or puss in there. The bump itches and is gets uncomfortable at times, it size is about 1-2mm. The rest of my body itches as well, but when I look at my arms and legs, it looks like allergens from dust.


I appreciate your concern.

With protected sex, STD's like HIV and Syphilis are more or less ruled out. You need not worry about them.

However, two STD's that are not fully protected by condoms are herpes and warts (HPV).

There is chance of transmission of these STD even with condoms.

Your lesion does not look like herpes at all, but HPV(warts) are a possibility.

There is no specific test for HPV, nor treatment. All that can be done is to monitor the situation. In any case, warts are quite benign.

You also need to approach an STD clinic and get a full panel test to be sure and have this bump looked at also. This will keep you safe.

But there is no need to panic now - at the most the main possibility is warts and other more dangerous STDs are very unlikely.

Hope this shows you the way forward - wish you good health and a quick recovery.

I trust my answer has helped you gain more knowledge and confidence about your problem and in knowing what to discuss with your doctor.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Could you be more specific as the reason for possibly be HPV?

At this stage, it does not look like HPV of course, but thats not conclusive since it would not look like HPV anyway so early.

Reasons for there being a possibility of HPV - because its a bump, there is some itching, it is on the scrotum, occurred after sexual exposure.

Of course I am not saying that it is hpv, but there is a possibility.

Not that I mean to alarm you, just pointing out that it is possibility.

But rest assured, chances are quite low. Protection minimizes the chance, and of course you dont know that the other person had HPV or any disease.

Hope that satisfies your query.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The size of it has decreased. Is this a good sign?

Ok that's good news.

If it is decreasing, then the chances of it being HPV are much reduced to the point of being ruled out.

In case of warts, it would have increased slowly or at least stayed the same.

So it probably was just an allergic reaction. That's reassuring.

Still you do need to monitor it in case it starts increasing again.

Hope that satisfies your query.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I went to the urgent care today to get checked, the doctor there told me that I should not be worried about it since there is not liquid nor does it look like a wart. He also since it does not burn when I urinate, then he doubts he would be herpes. He told me it could be folliculitis and that no test is needed if the situation does not get better. Now my concern is, I have strong headaches, could there be a relationship with folliculitis?

No, the headache is not related to the folliculitis.

Folliculitis may cause some local pain, etc but not headache.

This is most likely a stress headache.

Take a lot of fluids and also Tylenol for the pain.

If you have any other queries, do ask. Wish you good health and a quick recovery.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Dr. I will leave a bonus after this, although the DR I saw yesterday told me not to worry about it, I still am. In your professional experience, have you seen something like mine but wasnt any type of Herpes or HPV wart? I am so stressed that headaches, fever, and tendency to vomit make me think of herpes symptoms. What would the best conclusion for me? I still monitor the bump and there isn't any fluid at all, it seems a little smaller now too.

Yes, I have in fact seen quite a number of cases of folliculitis on the scrotum which looks just like yours.

The bottom-line is that if it is reducing, which it is, then it isn't HPV warts. They don't reduce by themselves.

As for herpes, it doesn't look anything like herpes, which is more of a sore rather than a bump

You can go ahead and do the herpes test at 3 weeks which will confirm that you do not have herpes. There is no specific test for warts though.

I would advise you to get the herpes test done which will rule out herpes. To rule out HPV warts, all you need to do is to observe the bump and if it is reducing, then this also is ruled out. This will help you come out of your anxiety.

Hope this shows you the way forward - wish you good health and a quick recovery.