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have taken considerable keyflex prescription over past few

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have taken considerable keyflex prescription over past few weeks.....have found out I had a penicillan sensativity & after a "misread" of problem...diagnosed as bursitus of elbow.....
(was urick acid build up)was taken off Keyflex..prescription was:
july 31, 2013....2 caps 500 mg...3x's dayfor 2 weeks...then 1 caps.per day..500 mgs,
4x's a day for 2 weeks...
For the past 3 days over Labor Day weekend have gotten whitcoated tongue...lousy taste of food. Feeling dehydrated, mouth dry...and drinking lots of water. Will be going to Dr. this week...blood test..... Im a 77 yr old male...some hypertension...quinapril....lasix...5mg
pregnstone..slight .arthritis......very nervous about "coated tongue"...pancreatic cancer?
liver problem? Without being too hyper about this..(.that's what being 77 does)..MY
Hello, this is Dr. David. I have read your question and I'm ready to help.

I can understand you are nervous about coated tongue.

if you are on steroids like prednisone, this can caues increase risks to have a fungal thrush infeciton on the tongue which is a thick white coating which can be scraped off of the tongue.

the keflex wouldn't be causing this fungal infection. keflex usually doesn't cause dehydration. I don't think you are having a pancreatic problem or pancreatic cancer.

lasix can cause you to be dehydrated since it causes you to pee out excessive water.

see your doctor and get your tongue examined to see if you have a fungal thrush infection on the tongue from the prednisone steroid.

you can always get blood amylase and lipase levels to check on your pancreas, but I would bet these are most likely normal

let me know if you have other questions.
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