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Anthony Bray, MD
Anthony Bray, MD, Doctor
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I have a hiatus hernia barrets eosophogus and irritable bowel.

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I have a hiatus hernia barrets eosophogus and irritable bowel. Would this cause dizziness.

Anthony Bray, MD : Hello!
Customer: Hi
Anthony Bray, MD : The conditions that you describe are not particularly known to be closely associated with dizziness BUT if you have related nausea >>> NAUSEA does commonly cause dizziness as a symptom... So there is a possible relationship here....
Anthony Bray, MD : with nausea what may happen is that this stimulates the vagal nerve and this may cause lower hear rate and lower blood pressure episode and thus could make you light headed or feel faint... In fact it can cause fainting...
Customer: No nausea hernia feels squashed. Helps when I burp.
Anthony Bray, MD : Well in this regard it sounds that it might help to take reflux precautions....
Anthony Bray, MD : these would include elevating the head if bed with blocks at the head side 4 to 6 inches....
Customer: I take 20mg omezaprole/losec twice a day
Anthony Bray, MD : ----wait for 1.5 hour after eating before you lie down....
Anthony Bray, MD : ----avoid GI irritants such as alcohol , coffee, anti-inflammatory meds( Tylenol ok), hot spicy foods , ( tomatoes, onions, peppers, citrus fruits)
Anthony Bray, MD : --- these steps may be helpful to your condition....
Customer: I usually wait at least 2 hours I dont drink alcohol or coffee. Could milk affect it.
Anthony Bray, MD : the medicine should help! It does not stop reflux from occurring though and it is important to realize that and take the added steps IN ADDITION to your medication!!
Anthony Bray, MD : worst cases of reflux>>>> Barrett' s would lead to consideration of procedure to tighten the junction between stomach and esophagus---- Nissan fundiplication --- has your gastroenterologist mentioned this as a possibility??
Anthony Bray, MD : milk is a good buffer and should not hurt you....
Anthony Bray, MD : what are your dizziness symptoms like?? Light headed or feel vertigo( room spinning sensation) ??
Customer: Yes he has mentioned it. I have usually been able to manage symptoms with diet and meds. Dizzyness is new. Could it be related to stress and puttingvon weight.
Anthony Bray, MD : Dizziness has many possible causes--- yes it can relate to anxiety in certain circumstances and individuals..... It would help to know more of the QUALITY of the dizzy feeling and when it happens and what may make it better or worse....
Anthony Bray, MD : inner ear problems more likely to cause vertigo sensation ( sense of room spinning)
Anthony Bray, MD : if you feel that you might faint at times on the other hand then episodes of low blood pressure might be to blame... Doctor should check ORTHOSTATIC BLOOD PRESSURE---BP lying down , then sitting up and then standing --- this along with pulse response is helpful to I dentist some causes of dizziness such as dehydration. Anemia for example .....
Customer: It is ok when i an in one place but feel odd when I move. Feel like i need to hold onto something to prevent falling.
Anthony Bray, MD : Ok well that sounds different in character still--- I would advise you to make appointment with neurologist... It sounds from this description that you may have diminished proprioception( this fancy medical term refers to your body's sense if where your arms and legs etc are in space reactive to your center of gravity) our sense of balance is orchestrated between multiple senses. So in your situation I think a neurologist to examine you would be helpful to your diagnosis....
Anthony Bray, MD : this does not sound do much related to your reflux or esophagitis or Barrett's however....
Anthony Bray, MD : if the source is as I suspect then physical therapy techniques to strengthen your sense if proprioception( ESP if the legs) would help you to maintain balance and help to reduce risk of falls...
Anthony Bray, MD : have you had any lower back problems? Sciatica? Nerve problems of the lower body??
Anthony Bray, MD : Sense if balance comes from proprioception sense of limbs plus vision plus inner ear all tied together....
Anthony Bray, MD : I hope that this information is helpful! Let me know if you have further questions! I will be happy to get back with you! If my answers have been helpful and to your satisfaction then please remember to leave positive feedback. That would be very much appreciated! Thank you and best regards,
Anthony Bray, MD : Anyhony Bray MD
Customer: Ok thanks
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