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Dr Basu
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Stomach cramps for 2 days, symptoms worsening this evening

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Stomach cramps for 2 days, symptoms worsening this evening to a more strong generalized pain in centre of stomach
Mysticdoc :

The views expressed by me are for educational purposes only and do not establish a doctor patient relationship.

Mysticdoc :

Hi there,

I am Mysticdoc, experienced Internal Medicine Specialist.

I am here to help you with your concerns.

Mysticdoc :

Sorry to hear that.

Mysticdoc :

Did you eat any raw or undercooked food ( meat, dairy etc)

Customer: No I did at first think it was related to something I ate on Sunday (meat and vegetable pir at a fun fair on Sunday afternoon) but it is strange that the pain is worse now and less cramp like than on Sunday and monday
Mysticdoc :

any blood or mucus in the stool

Customer: Stomach is bloated, have had strong gas on/off. Felt very tired this evening and could not stop yawning but unfortunately cannot sleep
Customer: No
Mysticdoc :

any nausea or vomiting?

Customer: No but do have low appetite. Did work normally today
Mysticdoc :

ok still sounds like an infection.

Customer: Had not much pain during today but just had to go to the toilet a lot
Mysticdoc :

Now this can be a viral infection and will pass over next couple of days.

Mysticdoc :

However, bacterial or parasitic infection also possible.

Customer: Any reason to suspect anything else
Mysticdoc :

usually fever, blood in the stool are more concerning.

Mysticdoc :

unlikely given the absence of other symptoms except for diarrhea and cramps.

Mysticdoc :

dehydration may make symptoms worse.

Customer: ok I did feel kind of panic/anxiety slightly also
Mysticdoc :

So eletrolyte rich fluids are good.

Customer: don't feel dehydrated
Mysticdoc :

expected with frequent stools and pain

Mysticdoc :

that is good but risk factor from frequent bowel movements.

Customer: Ok good to know
Customer: agree it could be something viral and I have a strong stomach so usually do not vomit at all
Mysticdoc :

That is more likely.

Customer: didall did not take any pain medication all day and was generally ok
Customer: didok did drink a late of homemade veg juice to calm my system down
Customer: concerned about things like appendicitis, gallbladder as I have stones and heart
Mysticdoc :

ok --make sure juice is without pulp

Customer: yes I did apart from an avocado
Mysticdoc :

appendicitis related pain tends to move to the right lower quadrant.

Customer: Stomach ulcer
Mysticdoc :

stomach ulcer pain is mainly on the upper stomach just below the sternum.

Mysticdoc :

gallbladder pain limited to right upper quadrant.

Customer: just took another Buscopan plus (first one today) and will see if it works but pain is more burning than cramping now
Customer: anything else you recommend I should take
Mysticdoc :

pancreatitis pain also epigastric pain .

Mysticdoc :

nausea, vomiting, or fever should be more concerning and if the pain moves to one of these areas.

Mysticdoc :

You can try peptobismol which helps with diarrhea also.

Mysticdoc :

Loperamide or imodium helps with diarhea.

Mysticdoc :

and also with stomach pain.

Customer: ok well thankfully only pain and discomfort right now. No diarrhea just lots of bowel movements today. Could also be IBS which I may have had once in the past
Mysticdoc :

yes possible

Mysticdoc :

and viral infection can also trigger this.

Customer: ok dr I guess I will get over it, would just like some sleep. Thanks for the advice
Mysticdoc :

I hope you will feel better by tomorrow.

Customer: Thank you
Mysticdoc :

It was my pleasure to help you today.
Best wishes,
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