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i have sharp stabbing pains in my left lower abdomen followed

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i have sharp stabbing pains in my left lower abdomen followed shortly by the need to pass gas. i have passed a few earlier today a few times but havnt passed a movement in a day or two. which for me is normal. im not suffering nausea. im eating fine. drinking fine. i do have pain in my back and left side which goes intermittently and have had for the last couple of weeks which will come for a day then disappear for a couple then come back for a couple and so forth. i went to my doctor a couple of weeks ago and he believed it was a slight infection but did a touch kidney test for tenderness etc but there was nothing. which there still isnt. im not sure if i have developed an infection or if its just painful gas.

Welcome and thank you for your question.

Sharp stabbing pains followed by the passage of gas is usually from intestinal cramps. Collection of excessive gas in the intestines prompts the intestines to spasm and cramp, in an attempt to expel the gas. This causes the sharp stabbing pain. Once the gas is expelled, the cramps pass away and you will feel better.

The commonest cause for excessive gas is indigestion. Undigested food stagnates in the intestines, leading to fermentation and gas formation.

Kidney infection can also cause sharp pains but these pains will not be related to the passage of gas.

Please take a digestive, especially one containing Papain - this is available without a prescription and available at any medical store.

You can also take GasX to decrease the amount of Gas.

To decrease the pain , you can take Midol tablets - these tablets are usually taken to control menstrual cramps but are also quite effective with intestinal cramps. It is available without a prescription.

I hope this helps.

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