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I have muscle weakness and rigidness in my mouth arms and

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I have muscle weakness and rigidness in my mouth arms and legs. I also have tingling in my arms and legs. My teeth seem to chatter when i close my mouth and I am having joint pain. my neck is stiff. Also my mouth seems to open on its own when i close it. I have random jerks in my legs, feet, and hands or you can also call them twitches.could it be epilepsy? or a nerve problem? I recently would get confused for no reason and it sometimes hard to get words out or they are muffled. it seems to be worse at night. my legs will go numb.


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A Neurologist is exactly who you need to see. Not because I think you have some terrible neurologic diagnosis, but because a neurologist can make the quickest and best diagnosis of this problem.

Your symptoms are hard to put together so lots of possibilities are on the table. Sometimes stress and anxiety can cause symptoms like this so that would actually be a good think to find, though there are other things you should know about.

I do not think this is any form of epilepsy. HERE IS A GOOD REFERENCE ON EPILEPSY. The reason I don't think this is epilepsy is that your symptoms sound fairly constant and symptoms from epilepsy are brief and resolve completely inbetween.

This is not Lyme disease as you know.

You are describing something called MYOCLONUS which is merely a description of your symptoms of jerky limb movements and spasms.

The symptoms of numbness and tingling suggest that there may be a large component of ANXIETY which is not always obvious to the patient. Again, this would be a good diagnosis as we can treat this well.

There are many other things on the list with this wide array of symptoms and some things that are concerning such as Multiple Sclerosis and other more rare neurologic diseases. But I don't want you to worry about the more rare things. The Neurologist will be able to rule many things out simply by examining you, and at age 19 the odds are that this is something benign and treatable.

I hope this has been helpful. If you have further questions please ask them below. If not, positive feedback is always appreciated.

Be well


911DOC, Board Certified Dr.
Category: Medical
Satisfied Customers: 5094
Experience: Emergency Medicine Physician
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